[tab title=”Short Term”]

  • Create a Model Street from Kundanahalli to Hope Farm (9 km)
  • Create a model for citizens to help themselves for a clean and green Whitefield
  • Create easy to follow standards for segregation
  • Rate communities on their performance

[/tab][tab title=”Long Term”]Create a clean, pedestrian friendly Whitefield.[/tab][/tabs]


The Situation

Dont accept this Whitefield!

Don’t accept this Whitefield!

There is Garbage Everywhere

  1. Litter on streets
  2. Open garbage dumped in piles at regular intervals
  3. Rodents visibly running around. (Remember the Plague at Surat?)
  4. Stray dogs all around the garbage
  5. Cows eating at the garbage dumps and dying plastic bags lining their intestines
  6. Open sewers
  7. Urinating men

Your Role

No Plastic ZoneAs an individual

  1. Segregate. It gets easy.
  2. Say no to plastic bags in shops – you have to change your habit for this. Carry a bag with you always.
  3. Ensure the shop you go to, especially the street side smaller ones, have a bin.
  4. Chide the shop owner if there is litter anywhere around his shop
  5. Join your friends to adopt a small tiny stretch of common area near your residence.
  6. Independent Villas: See how other independent homes have been successful with good BBMP pickups
  7. Compost
Compost all your wet waste in your Community

Compost all your wet waste in your Community

Community Level

  1. Community Waste Management 101
  2. 7 Star Communities
  3. Success stories
  4. Bulk Generator Notice from BBMP
  5. Waste Management Vendors
  6. Compost

Your Association’s Role

  1. Compost your wet waste. Alternatively, ensure that the wet waste is being composted by the collecting agency.
  2. Provide a clear process to manage your Wet, Recyclable dry waste, Sanitary, E-Waste, Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste.  Each category may need separate process for pick-up.
  3. Report monthly on quantum of “Rejects to Landfill” in your association

Our Inspiration

We are inspired by and learn from  The Ugly Indian, Vani Murthy from Malleshwaram, Rag Picker from Ulsoor, Sinu and Bhaskar


Here are some projects we are working on.

Adopt a Zone – Citizens taking charge of their own area Join with some friends and monitor a small section of road.
Greening Convert a black spot into a green spot
E-WasteMedicine Waste Collaborate and join to be part of a common e-waste program
CFLs/Bulbs No Solution Yet! These are HAZARDS!
Sanitary Waste No solution yet, but there is work going on
Educate Shops It’s the law. Shops are not supposed to give you plastic carry bags less than 40 microns. Educate them!
Donate Used items This is the best form of waste disposal – ie reuse. Please give away your gently or well used items here
Dry Waste Collection Centres A Dry Waste Recycling Centre is in the works at BBMP. Find out more!DWCC_Varthur (1)DWCC Varthur

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Garbage not picked up? Call BBMP!
Have an idea? Share it!
Persistent problems? Write to us and we well see if we can help.

RMV Wines spot fix

ITPL spot fix

Ramagondahalli spot fix

Sigma Tech Park spot fix

Sobha Rose spot fix

Thubarahalli bus-stop spot-fix 

Varthur Kodi spot fix