BEML Layout Independent Villas

BEML_Layout Anu Govind, a model citizen from BEML Layout writes:

BEML Layout 6th Stage (off ITPL Main Road) is a open layout with about 862 sites and about 1500 families living here. Here we have independant houses, multi dwellings, small apartments and PG accommodations. The waste management initiatives were started way back in 2010 . We had different vendors for dry waste collection.Then early this year, we got the regular BBMP auto guy to pickup the dry waste on Sunday afternoon. The dry waste collected is sold to local scrap dealer. On weekends we visit streets where people are not segregating and talk to them about segregation. We find the numbers are slowly increasing but we still have a long way to go before we reach 100% compliance. Quite a few residents do composting at the individual level.
Every month we have a shramadhan, where we get BBMP people to come and clean black spots in the identified streets. All these efforts have increased the cleanliness of the layout, but we still need to tackle the garbage dumped on empty sites , mess created by commercial ventures/vendors and the huge amount of garden waste generated, thanks to all the trees and plants.
To know more about the Waste management initiatives at BEML Layout, you can contact me , Anuradha Govind at

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