No to plastic Bags

Why such a fuss about Plastic Bags?Cow on the dump

  1. Plastic doesn’t degrade. That flimsy thing we toss away after one use will hang around clogging your drains, occupying space on this precious earth long after many generations after you come and go.
  2. All plastic is not created the same. The flimsy ones we get have reached the end of their recyclable life.
  3. It is the Law. Unless the bag is > 40 microns – in lay man’s terms – thick, strong, recyclable, no vendor is supposed to sell it. So you are committing a crime by taking it.
  4. Garbage is a plenty around us. Animals and especially cows unfortunately graze at these dumps. They unknowingly ingest massive amounts of plastic bags and die extremely painful deaths. What you thought was a healthy cow because of the big fat belly is actually massive kilos of plastic stuck in their intestine.

Look,  in Whitefield, you will be UNCOOL if you are seen walking around with a plastic bag even(and especially) if you paid for it. Its not so difficult to change this habit if you care.  Sorry, it is shameful and it comes down to that.

Carry cloth bags in your vehicles or purses if you are women.  In the backend, we are trying to explore a system by which shops can have cloth bags that they will give you at a cost and return the money when you return the bag.

If you continue to wonder what the fuss is about, just google please. There is a galore of information on this. Remember even the government machinery which is relatively slow to turn here has banned this.  That should tell you the kind of impact this has.

Carry Bags Gazette Notification