“But what can I do to help?”

“But what can I do to help?”
Pravir Bagrodia

Let’s take inspiration from one of our own long time contributors.

Pravir feels deeply for the world around him. Knowing that all we can control is our own actions, he chooses to focus on ‘Be the Change’. Living a Green life is so key to him that during the pre-lockdown days, one could see him walk, cycle, take the bus or carpool carrying his water bottle.

At his community as well as workplace, he puts in extraordinary effort to get all to dispose of e-waste responsibly. Long hours spent on work doesn’t deter him however from targeted focused contribution. Weekends would see him up and about early – take classes at Lifedream, maintain the composter, support the tree census, focus on one spotfix, one footpath.. … one cause at a time and work at it persistently and see it through to the end has been his way. Along the way, he has learnt so much that he now is the resident expert on Connecting the Dots.

These days, during lockdown times, he utilizes his few spare hours to use all this information to document and share meaningful information with the many in his network. He uses the skills he acquired as reporter and sub-editor in newspapers to separate the wheat from the chaff. We rely on him for factual, meticulously curated information that we can share with the wider world with confidence.

This documenting takes hours and hours – but that does not deter him. He knows its value and will persist till the job is done.

We take inspiration from Pravir. What’s your story?