#Coronavirus #COVID19Bangalore What can you do?

#Coronavirus #COVID19Bangalore                                                               What can you do?

Follow legitimate sources of information | Verify | DO NOT SHARE UNVERIFIED INFO

WHO | https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare | https://www.mohfw.gov.in/

Disclaimer: This is a note from Whitefield Rising; NOT from a Government body or Hospital. Please always follow their lead and advise first. This note is our attempt to share best practices to help contain the spread of this contagious virus which is currently in our own midst.

NO 1 and most important: Avoid large gatherings where risk of exposure or infection is high. If it is an optional event, consider avoiding – https://www.mohfw.gov.in/advisoryformassgathering.pdf

  • This means Holi celebrations
  • Weddings, concerts, movies, restaurants
  • Large meetings which are non-critical
  • Temple festivals
  • Sunday Church – the Pope is giving his sermon online
  • Friday mosque prayers – Mecca & Medina have restricted entry. Only residents of these places are allowed to go in for prayers

NOTE: Italy went from 7 patients on Feb 22, to a whole country under lockdown and quarantine on March 10, 2020. In a span of 2+ weeks.

  • COVID19 is serious because the healthcare facilities are overwhelmed and are unable to take care of all the patients who need care AT THE SAME TIME
    • Ex: Imagine if 100 people all need critical care and go to a hospital. How many oxygen cylinders will be available? Ventilators? ICU beds?
  • This is why we ALL have to do our part to *contain* the spread of the virus

When & how to wear a mask |Watch the video on WHO website here – When & How to Wear a Mask

  • If you have a cold/cough & experiencing breathing difficulties
  • If you are caring for a person with suspected or confirmed COVID19
  • See the video on how to wear and dispose a mask properly

When outside

  • Be conscious – do not touch your face. This is hard as it is involuntary. But pay attention
    • If you have to touch your face, use shoulders to rub etc
  • Watch out for people with cough & cold – keep at least 3 feet distance
  • Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible, with fingers
    • Lift buttons, door handles – carry hand kerchief or tissue
      • Else, sanitize after
    • Push open doors with shoulders or your body

AT HOME: Keep a box of sanitizer & towel to disinfect as soon as you enter the house.
Like this

When you get home, from outside

  • Put away all the small things you used when outside in this box for disinfecting – keys, wallet, phone, spectacles, credit card (if used)
  • Wipe it down with the sanitizer OR with a disinfectant
    • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol
    • The reason for this: the germs can stay on oft touched surfaces like door knobs, lift buttons, table tops, chairs, car wheel
    • By cleaning, you are lowering the risk of infection spreading
  • Wash hands with soap & water – scrub the hands for 20 seconds.
    • Do this diligently. Make sure the kids also do this well

IF you have travelled to a COVID19 affected country

  • Self-isolate / quarantine FOR 14 days
  • Self-declare at the airport, if there is a kiosk
  • Be especially careful around elderly – parents / grandparents. They are most suspectible
  • Keep a diary of people met, places visited

IF you have a cough & cold + fever (it is flu season here)

  • If you are unwell, stay home. Do not go to office, or send kids to school
  • Wear a mask to reduce spreading the cold to others
  • If you don’t have a mask, cover your mouth when coughing
    • Cough into your elbow (not your hands, as this will again be an avenue to spread to others and surfaces)
  • Take every fever seriously, closely monitor temperature 3-4 hourly and watch for development of other symptoms such as cough, difficulty in breathing
  • If you develop breathing issues – you need to get tested & treated at the hospital ASAP!

IF you think you have been exposed (through travel to a COVID19 affected country OR through contact), and are coming down with fever & have *respiratory / breathing* issues

  • Self-declare to the authorities – call the helpline numbers – so that the containment protocol can be followed by the government
  • Wear a mask!
  • Note down people met, places visited in the last 14 days. If possible
  • IMPORTANT – Before going to the hospital – call first
    • So the hospital can be ready with the isolation protocols
    • As of now, only certain hospitals are authorized to treat – CALL Helpline FIRST
  • Here are the Government helpline numbers
Coronavirus helplines


  • Recommend postponing or cancelling all community wide events – Holi celebrations being #1
  • For deliveries and others – explore ways to reduce spread & touch points
  • Consider putting up COVID19 information on bulletin boards / or in common areas AS REMINDERS
    • Explain the import to ALL STAFF
  • Get sanitizers placed for house staff to use – just like in the offices
  • Put up hygiene / cleaning directions in all community bathrooms
  • If you have a gym & shared facility
    • Make sure there are sanitizers available for users to clean
    • Have it wiped down after the morning & evening busy sessions

MC’s / Owner’s Association Groups – follow the government directives and take action as necessary to keep the community safe. As with many infectious spreads, the community’s exposure depends on the immunity and safety of all residents.

DOMESTIC STAFF – All of you having any staff coming to your residence. If YOU ARE ABLE TO MANAGE, we suggest that this would be the time to try and get ahead of the curve. Give them all paid time off. Now. The risk is not worth taking for them or for you. Please understand the transmission method and pace. Look at this chart of Italy – they were where we are today on Feb 25th. Our curve could be steeper.

Our responsibility is to not get sick. That’s the best way we can help the situation and overcome the challenge before us all.

To not overwhelm the hospitals, to not use the meager medicines & ventilators available. To keep them for those who really really will need it.

Let’s band together & rise over the dreaded virus that has the world in its grip.Let us support our nation and show the world we have it in us to stand tall at this time of impending crisis.