Litter Outside Shops

Whose litter is this? Never mine of course.If its not in my shop, its not my problem. We are finding that this unfortunate stereotype of Indians is true. Everyone has the “inside” of their shops spic and span. They do that by tossing out their garbage on the streets.  Others add to it and suddenly its no one’s responsibility.

So we expect that all shops will keep upto 100 feet around themselves clean no matter whose garbage it is.  They need to sweep it up and keep it in their bins. If its a cluster of shops, they all need to do it together.


There are three ways to make this work.

  1. Fine them if they dont do this. Unfortunately, those wheels are not turning as fast as we would like them to with BBMP
  2. Do not shop there. Make it a point to tell them that if it is so dirty we wont shop here. No business, no money, quickly change habits.
  3. A prize will be given to those shops that are making a concerted effor tto keep their surroundings clean.