Covid 2021 Stories

Connecting the dots across cities : Apr 26th 2021

I want to share my experience of last night with this boy Shashank, who was a volunteer last year also. What a gem of a boy. Late last night, got a appeal for Remdesivir in Mathura, for a young man who had to go there from Agra. Just put it out in Relief group, on an off-chance. This boy picked it up, asked me for details, sent it to a team that side, found a person to tag on twitter. that person’s team wasnt able to get in touch with the caregiver, herself a young woman, and got back to Shashank., who then got back to me. He, in the meantime, tried to contact the girl himself, got through, asked her to be available, and finally the team in Delhi/Mathura was able to reach her around 1230 in the night. Shashank gave me that info also finally before going to bed(hopefully). I couldn’t sleep for a while last night, just thinking about the immense goodness in so many people. He is such a humble person too… calls me ma’am!! Wanted to share, just to underline the power of small actions taken..
This morning update: they will try to get him the medicine by 10-11AM. fingers crossed : Veda Venkatesh

Positive experience with Proning : 26th Apr 2021

As we all know situations is very bad in terms of finding hospital bed and oxygen, I thought of sharing my own experience with you all.

My Mother-in-law aged 59 years based in Delhi, who is a cancer patient (it has relapsed 3 times in past 5 years) got COVID on 18th April. Mainly the symptoms started with cough and fever. Test result came on 22nd April 2021. There were no doctors to consult nearby as most of the clinics were closed and they didn’t want to go to the hospital till then as the reports had not come. Even her doctor who treat her for cancer could not pick up the call due to overload situation. By now we all know what the medicine are to start with if there are COVID symptoms so they stared home medication. Mainly antibiotic, Vitamin C, Zinc, fever medicine along with 6-8 times steam and some home remedies and positive thoughts.

But on a second and third day, she had severe body pain, headache, hardly ate anything or got up from bed, we all got really worried that how will she recover like this and being a cancer patient, she should be admitted to hospitalเว็บไซต์เดิมพันกีฬาที่ดีที่สุด immediately, so we all started this never ending search for hospitals and oxygen cylinder. As we are in Bangalore, there was nothing we could do much except calling up hospital to hospital for bed and for oxygen cylinder but all in vain except we could manage with an oxygen cylinder. So now we had no other option but to manage the show ourselves.

On 4th day, her Oxygen level dropped to 91-92 and we all again panicked but had no option so My BIL (who tested positive as well) and FIL put in all their effort to make sure situations doesn’t get bad. They continued giving her steam 6 to 8 time and they made her do lungs exercise 5 to 7 times a day mainly involving Anulom Vilom, lying down on her stomach (very effective) and taking deep breaths. It was very difficult for them to make her do this exercise as she was in severe body pain and hardly ate anything. But still they made her do it. Since she was not able to eat much they started liquid diets for how much ever she could have. So, with all that her Oxygen level jumped to 94. But again, after some time it used to go to 91-92 and they kept on doing the same process again and again. Finally, on 6th day (which was yesterday) her level reached to 94/95.

She is still recovering and still needs lot of care. As we from Bangalore had been trying for hospital search, luckily, we got a bed for her in a hospital, but they said we need to carry our oxygen cylinder and stuff. However, my BIL and FIL didn’t want her to admit to a hospital mainly because there is no one to take proper care in hospital as doctors and nurse are under very high stress. Moreover, they would not allow anyone else to be with her. She needed more care than just being admitted to hospital. As her oxygen level had improved by yesterday, they have decided to give best care at home itself. They are now consulting one doctor over the phone who is guiding them.

The main reason for above sharing is currently we are all panicking by looking at oxygen level and by getting COVID which is very natural considering situation is very bad and beds and oxygen are not available easily in case situation of someone worsen. However, I would request if you can manage at home upto certain Oxygen level (check with your doctor, I am no one to guide on that) and try and give your best shot, our Indian home basic remedies work best many times along with doctor’s prescription. Just some basic and don’t over do anything. If you can get well at home nothing best can happen to you and your family. Every day I see so many requests coming in groups where Oxygen level is 94 and people are looking for bed in hospital. I would request all the people if you can first consult your family doctors and if as per him your Oxygen level is good enough to get treated at home, please take medication as per doctor and try to recover at home itself and if doctor recommends to get admitted than there is no second thought on it.

One more important thing which I have noticed and with my personal experience, please wipe your hand with a towel or a cloth before you check your oxygen level in oximeter because of fever medicine our hands get wet due to which we get wrong oxygen level in oximeter. So please double check your oxygen level. I had an experience where oxygen level was showing 65/ 82 randomly after checking twice and when rushed to hospital it was 98, yeah it was shocker of my life. Doctor mentioned it happens because our hands get cold due to fever medicine when fever comes down thus sometime shows wrong readings.

Thank you.

Aashish Garg