Medicine Waste

Did you know that medicines dumped into your waste reach landfills and create more toxins that then goes into our water tables as poison?

You can help divert 75% of medicine waste from reaching the landfill and improve bio-medical waste segregation.


Our Objective

Institutionalize Medicine Waste Management in the Whitefield area across all communities

Donate unexpired medicines segregated and handed off to other non-profit groups


How will we do this?


A bio-medical waste handler can route medical waste to their centre from all Whitefield communities and divert from landfills by sending to Maridi for ethical incineration. This way no hazardous fumes are sent into the atmosphere.


If you want to be part of the Whitefield Rising Medical Waste Management programme, please email Sriram Kuchimanchi or call  +91 99724 01656


•Your contact details

•No. of flats in your apartment

•No. of posters required

•No. of medicine waste bins required


Bins  @Rs.2500/- a piece

RxDx will charge Rs.1200/- per year to pick-up every 3 months.medical waste poster