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Calls for action from Whitefield Rising. Do just this if you have time for nothing else.

  • The 16 Days of Activism Against ‘Gender Based Violence’ Campaign

    Call to Action-5 Actions

    The 16 Days of Activism Against ‘Gender Based Violence’ Campaign By Kiran Bhatia Assisted by Fiona Martin, Ritu George and Yamini Chandrasekaran  The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign that has been organized and managed by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership  since 1991. The campaign has been used by activists […]

  • Graphite India Pollution Blackens Whitefield

    WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 17.12.51

    What is the pollution issue of Graphite India factory in Whitefield? 1. Fine black shiny dust emitted/escaped from the GI factory gets carried away to the surrounding area. This dust appears same as what one sees while sharpening pencils. It is inhaled by people and also settles on the surface 2. A toxic pungent chemical […]

  • Uniservice services Kerala food affected

    WhatsApp Image 2018-09-19 at 17.58.09

    It all started when on 20th August 2018, Murugaraj received an email from his employees that they wanted to contribute one day’s salary towards flood survivors in Kerala. While watching the News over lunch. they saw that 56 people had died because of no electricity in hospitals in Kerala. This got them thinking.  Instead of […]

  • Breakfast at Samriddhi Trust’s Bridge School

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    Samriddhi Charitable Trust runs our Bridge School at Nellurahalli. You may recollect the magical way that it was started and how successfully it is running for the last 2 years. Here is yet another initiative that was highlighted to us by Mom Bannerjee of Samriddhi. Read the below in her own words. “Few Residents of […]

  • Whitefield reaches out to Kerala


    Whitefield Rising #FloodReliefDrive where more than 10 plus communities participated to spread happiness and cheer among teachers & students of Kuppapuram It was more than just a benevolent monsoon that was lashing most parts of coastal and northern Kerala this 2018 – the worst flooding in 92 years, partly due to rampant construction that was […]

  • Uniservice on a mission to electrify 500 homes in Aluva, Kerala


    Uniservice Facility Management company based out of Whitefield led by WR Volunteer Murugaraj Swaminathan and team is forming a group of technicians consisting of electricians/plumbers/cleaners/pest control services who are specifically targeting the rehabilitation work in kerala. They are currently in touch with the concerned people on the ground and plan to start working around Thirissur […]