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Answers to most of your questions. How to fix a pothole, how to get your garbage cleared, where to dispose e-waste, how to access the government etc

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So many things you can do! Take your pick, no commitments needed. Individual, CSR, Kids. There is something for each of us.

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Donate that old printer or that bookshelf that you dont need anymore. It could see a whole new life.


Calls for action from Whitefield Rising. Do just this if you have time for nothing else.

  • “But what can I do to help?”


    Pravir Bagrodia Let’s take inspiration from one of our own long time contributors. Pravir feels deeply for the world around him. Knowing that all we can control is our own actions, he chooses to focus on ‘Be the Change’. Living a Green life is so key to him that during the pre-lockdown days, one could […]

  • #COVID-19 Relief


    5th Apr 2020 : Asad’s team of volunteers comprising cooks, packers, dispatchers and organisers, working round the clock to supply 3000+ food packets~ Asad’s kitchen Asad Ali, along with some partners run a chain of several kitchens under brand Food Crates (FC) that supply food under various brands based on internet/ phone orders. A few […]

  • Whitefield Rising COVID19 Fundraiser


    Whitefield Rising *COVID19 Fundraiser* – all info in poster. Bank A/c # *35048586045*. UPI ID whitefieldrisingtrust@sbi IMPORTANT – After bank transfer, please fill out *Google Form* to help us track payments and send your 80G certificate: https://bit.ly/3aBSft2. If you want to donate but are *not an Indian citizen*, please write to *hello@whitefieldrising.org*

  • #Coronavirus #COVID19Bangalore What can you do?


    Follow legitimate sources of information | Verify | DO NOT SHARE UNVERIFIED INFO WHO | https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public Ministry of Health & Family Welfare | https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ Disclaimer: This is a note from Whitefield Rising; NOT from a Government body or Hospital. Please always follow their lead and advise first. This note is our attempt to share best […]

  • BBMP Ward Delimitation | Why should you care?


    According to the 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, urban bodies with more than THREE lakh population were mandated to constitute Wards and Ward committees. Wards & Ward Committees provide for a mechanism of participative democracy at the grassroots level, and ensure services and resources are allocated on equitable basis for a good quality of life to […]

  • VarthurLake.com, a citizen led effort to sage guard and rejuvenate


    The second largest water body in Bengaluru, #VarthurLake has over the last 20 years declined from a lake people used to fish & bathe in, to a cesspool that froths & foams. Over the last 5 years, much has been done by team working relentlessly to push forward. A challenge to safeguard & rejuvenate has […]

  • Oorja for Bembala

    Oorja 3

    Oorja for Bembala Support for Women and Children Survivors of Violence Group Art Show – “Oorja” – is The Art Corridor Taj West End, Bengaluru from 23rd Feb to 2nd March 2020 in association with Mr. M G Doddamani. “Oorja” or Energy in Sanskrit is the defining expression of the human spirit, that energy or […]

  • Guess where Rs 400 crore in traffic fines went!

    WhatsApp Image 2020-02-12 at 18.23.57

    BTRAC was set up to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety – yet for 3 years Commissioner of Police says all their requests have been denied and funds have not been released – its time we ask out elected reps for some accountability – we have been provided with documents under RTI sharing with everyone […]

  • #MahadevapuraDemands: 1 week after Protest


    #MahadevapuraDemands It is One Week since the #MahadevapuraDemands Protest. We thank the Elected Representatives, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP) and Bangalore City Police (BCP) for initiating a few changes reported below. We hope this continues since our objective is to see genuine systemic transformation on basic civic amenities across Mahadevapura. Even […]

  • #MahadevapuraDemands


    #MahadevapuraDemandsThat our Elected Representatives ResignWe are DONE with living in filth, traffic jams and pollution. And for years now!Did you know that Rs 56,000 per small vehicle per month is allocated for garbage pickup and we have enough of these vehicles but they do not service the allocated areas? You can guess why they don’t go around daily. Is […]

  • Quiz Contest: INNQUIZZITIVE Aug 24th 2019


    The inter community quiz contest organised by Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore IT Corridor in association with Forum Neighbourhood Mall and Community Partner Whitefield Rising is just 2 weeks away! Date : August 24th Time: 3 pm onwards Venue: Forum Neighbourhood Mall, Whitefield. The first of its kind in Whitefield, the event has a youth […]

  • Goonj’s School to School Drive 2019


    Superb effort by 45 communities who participated in the 2019, Whitefield Rising’s collection drive for Goonj’s  ‘School to School’ initiative. The drive which ended on April 27th 2019 was incredibly successful. The notice for collection was published on the Whitefield Rising Facebook page and many communities showed a lot interest and participated enthusiastically. Community champions […]

  • Meet your MP candidates – Bangalore Central

    WhatsApp Image 2019-04-14 at 19.24.19

    Million Voter Rising holds a talk with 3 MP candidates in upcoming Lok Sabha Elections Hundreds came to see the three most visible candidates of Bangalore Central standing for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Prakash Raj (Independent), Rizwan Arshad (Congress) and PC Mohan (BJP) shared the dais at the Million Voter Rising campaign initiated […]

  • The common man vs giant polluting factory

    WR Graphite

    40 years ago, the greater Whitefield Area was an industrial zone. However, over the years as the city grew, the outskirts became part of the city and the area became urbanized, even coming under BBMP. The city allowed for unchecked growth and encouraged a massive number of residences and offices to be built all around, […]

  • Whitefield Police get active listening training

    Police Training

    Bembala Training team had a successful Active listening training for Head Constables and Assistant Sub-inspectors at Whitefield Police Station at the beginning of March. As the month came to an end, we interviewed a police officer on his experience and how the training helped him. Bembala:  Did you feel the training was relevant to your day to […]

  • Say NO to Abuse – A survivor’s story


    ”When I grow up and my husband has many lovers should I stay with him, Mamma” asked my almost 10 year old daughter. I got angry and asked her why should she do that? Why can’t you come back to me instead of being disrespected? She looked at me and asked, “Mamma, if you tell […]

  • Veganism

    The Kind Fest

    Veganism is not a diet or a recent fad. It is the conscious decision to live in a manner that is consistent with the deeply intrinsic human values of compassion, respect for all beings and the environment around us. Man has a history of hunting and eating animals. However, as we “progressed”, animals have been […]

  • Whitefield, Ready for Football?


    Whitefield Ready supported schools thrive thanks to Football and Just for Kicks! The Just for Kicks (JFK) organization was founded in 2011, working with schools across India in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Dharwad. They first started work in Bengaluru three years ago. Their mission is multi-fold, as it aims to develop the student’s […]