Community Waste 101

Community Waste 101


During the last few years, comprehensive studies and reports have been done which indicate that out of the total solid waste generated only 50 to 90 percent is collected. As much as 94 percent of waste is disposed unscientifically. Only 70 percent of the cities have adequate waste transportation facilities. The waste is often left unattended at the disposal sites, creating a huge health hazard. This situation can be rectified if each community aims at becoming a ‘zero waste’ community. This means that waste is segregated at source and each category is treated the way it should be. It needs to be re-iterated that irresponsible dumping finally boomerangs back on us in the form of contaminated air, soil and water.


Your Goal as a Whitefield Rising 7 star Community


  • At the outset- aim to become a 7 Star Community
  • Have the ability to report how much “Reject” leaves the community
  • Device ways to verify compliance across all dwelling units
  • An assurance that all the segregated waste is finding its way to the right destination


Your responsibility is to provide for the below


  • Wet Waste – Encourage individual composting but also provide community level option. Nearly 60% of your waste will be diverted from the municipal waste stream, thereby reducing transportation and environmental costs. What’s more you will be creating compost that is good to give back to the soil.
  • Sanitary Waste – Individuals must leave Sanitary Waste wrapped in newspaper and marked in red. BBMP will pick up daily.
  • E Waste – Provide a bin where it can be accumulated and tie up with a vendor in partnership with neighbouring communities for pick up.
  • Medicine Waste – Provide a bin where expired and unused medicines can be accumulated and partner with local clinics such as RxDx to arrange collection and safe disposal.
  • Dry Waste – This is the tricky one where most go wrong. Processing only the high value dry waste does not make for a good enough result. All your dry waste should be segregated. For this to be reliably done, please consider processing by a reliable vendor.
  • Hazardous waste– Tie up with BBMP for collection every quarter
  • TetraPacks – Provide a bin where it can be accumulated and request for pick up by Whitefield Resident, Devika Krishnan who uses them for livelihood options for under-privileged women.


Challenges to expect

  • Compliance – This is the first step in effective waste management and will happen only through public awareness and motivation camps. After that, simply refuse to pick up Garbage that is not segregated.
  • Members of the Committee – Office bearers of Resident Associations have to be clear about the benefits of sustainable waste management, without which the whole exercise will be an uphill task.





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