Read nothing else, just do the below and you are all set


Varun a cool Whitefielder

Varun a cool Whitefielder

  1. Get your Voter ID Card
  2. Segregate
  3. Carry your own cloth bags and say NO to plastic bags
  4. Never take a rickshaw that wont go on a meter. Call mGaadi rickshaws instead.
  5. 125 litres of water per day is the max you should use – are you using more than that? You dont know? Find out!
  6. Adopt just a small public spot in front of your house or place of work and keep it clean.
  7. Be our citizen police, ask shops why they dont have their bin. Better still,  walk away and don’t shop there
  8. Follow Whitefield Rising Citizen Standards
  9. Volunteer

TZED Homes Whitefield

TZED Homes Whitefield, A benchmark


  1. Segregates to highest standard and sends out less than 10% of the total garbage  generated by the residents. Appoints a responsible vendor to process the community’s waste. Has a permanent process to check on compliance which is crucial to sustained success
  2. Has an STP, does Rainwater Harvesting and can report on per capita consumption of water at being on par with India’s recommended average
  3. Ensures everyone in the community is registered to vote and makes arrangements to promote voting on the day of elections.
  4. Adopts the stretch outside the community and starts solving the problems on a regular steady pace by engaging the community to volunteer there
  5. Adopts nearby stray dogs and gets them neutered while educating the community
  6. Solves the Traffic congestion on their stretch by doing what it takes – be it  appointing special wardens at peak hours, moving bus stops or installing new medians.
  7. Has active programs to initiate change in the mindset of Whitefield’s men across all socio economic classes for the safety and empowerment of our women.