Whitefielders! Its a grave situation.

Many of Whitefield’s borewells are dry or at ridiculous depths. We get serviced by Water tankers. The water cost goes up, the quality is unknown and the roads are ravaged by the tankers. Bangalore overall has a crisis that reaches tipping point in the Summer months. Read History of Water in Bangalore




Some simple things we can do are:

        1. Dig Recharge Pits  around our area
        2. Reduce our consumption of water (See tips below) – Target a max of 125 litres per person per day. The biggest culprits are your toilet flush and showering habits.
        3. Do Rainwater Harvesting
        4. Recycle Water!


Tips to lower your consumption!

  1. In the bathroom
  2. In the kitchen
  3. When using your washing machine
  4. In your garden
  5. Other Tips
  6. Water conservationTechnical methods to conserve water


Other resources:


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