Whitefield Rising Citizen Standards : Are you a good citizen?

I have a voter card

I vote

I don’t litter , ever. (Spitting , urinating, putting up posters and graffiti etc  is also littering!)

I am aware of the problem of too much non recyclable garbage being generated so I reduce what I can.

I segregate at the highest level.

I understand the massive shortage of water in Whitefield and use water very responsibly even if I can afford to pay for it

I am committed to the betterment of Whitefield. So I find time for it.

I am not indifferent. I will respond to all calls for action that I know to be genuine and credible.

I either lead or follow to make a difference.

I report bribes

I no longer pay bribes

I report crimes

I wouldnt leave Nirbhaya by the roadside and pass right by

Whitefield Rising Individual & Community Standards