We are having a blast and slowly learning its the first of its kind in possibly India! So come make history.

The reason this is working for us is the below.

  1. 1238200_570651822994077_1795778554_nNo compelling reason to join other than to exercise your passion. We are not here to save the world or Whitefield. We are each of us doing this for our selfish selves. Therefore there is no judgement of anybody else. Its just like our job or hobby. We do it because we want to.
  2. The energy from like minded people is amazing. The group mostly has those people that are in it because they cant imagine not making time for it.  So we end up bonding deeply and having a lot of fun.
  3. No meetings :). We get together wherever and whenever. No fixed regimen like Sunday morning 10 am. We all have families or other activities. A lot of our work is individual or in small groups. So for those we can just get together onsite as needed.
  4. No judgement on how much you contribute. Since we are doing it for ourselves, we really dont worry about what you do for yourself :). Take a break when you want, drop in and out as needed.
  5. Feel free to preview all the NGOs in the area so you can see where your time is best utilized.


CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that Corporates both like to and are required by law to spend some time and money giving back to the community. We are so glad for it.

Capitol One CSR

Capitol One CSR

  1. We know Whitefield and what we want to do next. So we can identify the opportunity – Tree Planting and Spot Fixing are our most popular ones for group activities. Teams of 5 to 100. All are possible.
  2. You bring the materials required to make the change or we can buy it – you write your check to our mom ie Rotary (RBITC-CT)
  3. We will worry about identifying ongoing maintenance by scoping out residents or businesses nearby that can monitor the change and sustain your transformation.

Check out pictures from our recent CSR Events

  1. GE: Lake Planting
  2. Dell Memorial Church Transformation
  3. Sigma Tech Park – ERM Group Spot Fixing
  4. Capitol One Spot Fixing
  5. VDB Builders for Varthur Kodi

Look at some projects for you to undertake at http://engage.whitefieldrising.org/#/projects/tags/csr

 Just write to hello@whitefieldrising.org