Whitefield Rising Culture & Values

Whitefield Rising Culture & Values


Respect for the team, the stakeholders and anyone we work with without judgement despite any reputation they may carry. This will be embodied in your actions and speech. This is central to all our work and will be especially tested when things do not go your way (which will happen many times)


Embrace every contributor and contribute to everyone across Whitefield. Crossing socio economic divides and working truly for all will result in the harmony we need in Whitefield. This is especially important if you know more than others in a subject matter or have spent more time on the issue. You are still to embrace every newcomer. No gossip or negative talks about anyone at anytime.

Social interactions are but a great by product.


You and everybody else are giving your passion, voluntarily. Do not expect others to do anything at all. Just worry about what you bring to the table. If you are a leader, lead by example. If you want to follow, look for a leader you gel with. But no matter what, bring positive energy. Gossip or

negative remarks will need to be checked immediately.

Watch your Intent

In your every action, thought or speech related to Whitefield Rising, ponder over your intent. For instance, if you are feeling like a “messiah” that’s not good.

Remember, this is an opportunity to serve for you. The recipient of your service is merely giving you that opportunity. Similarly, watch your intent as you interact with all stakeholders.

Government Collaboration

Work with the Government without pointing fingers. We did elect them after all whether or not we voted. Our approach is not to point fingers but identify areas for improvement and fill the gaps.  Collaborate and also respect.

Within the Law

At no time can any work for WR empower anyone to take the law unto their own hands. We must operate by  the book and clarify with the team when in doubt.

Common Highest Good

Our work may impact many positively but may cost some people some opportunities. If you have vested interests, you must step out of that decision making. However, at all times, even the parties negatively affected must row for you and buy you coffee at the end of the action for you to truly feel successful.

Non Political

We are a politically neutral group and neither do we support any political party, nor do we oppose any. Our vision is to bring highest level of collaboration among all stakeholders, irrespective of any political affiliation, and add value to the socio political ecosystem by empowering citizens in the best possible manner.

Without Ego

Despite your highest achievements and your illustrious resume, you are still a volunteer contributing voluntarily for the betterment of WF. This is not a charity but rather an opportunity for us all. You shall be the only clapper for all you do but its sound will the best ever. As you start to make an impact it will be even more important to keep a check on that ego. Consider transferring all your learnings and achievements to another at that point and take on the next challenge.

Without Expectations

We do what we do because we want to. There may be many circumstances where the results one expects may not be achieved. This does not mean the movement does not work or your efforts were not sufficient. We just learn and try again. Our job is to do and help others do. Results will come and we shall be unaffected either way.


We believe we are all capable of distinguishing Right from Wrong. Just do the right thing. If you have personal agenda, disclose it. If you encounter bribery or corruption, disclose it.


Don’t re-invent the wheel. Leverage experts, research on the net, visit success stories seek out advisors, bring in more citizens into your team. Do not re-invent the wheel!

Your Unconditional Contribution in your Time

What is your passion, talent or pet peeve? Or maybe you have resources you want to give? Give give give. We want it all. In your time. No commitments needed for any length of time. Take a break anytime. If you are working in a team, lead any aspect of the work if it so appeals to you or choose to facilitate and propel the team forward. Ultimately its all about what makes you tick and what makes you feel good. Whitefield existed before we came and will do so after..The only judge of your work will be yourself.

Above Board

Never take advantage of any position of influence you may have due to the work you do on the ground. Eg: seeking or granting favors due to this network.

We work for Common Highest Good

Respect for stakeholders understood

Collaboration and partnership with Government

Inclusiveness for all towards their Betterment

Distinguishing Wrong from Right

No ego, expectations or slight

All within the Law and Non Judgemental

For success, unconditional support is central!



Whitefield Rising Culture and ValuesWhitefield Rising Culture and Values