What to do in an Emergency

What to do in an Emergency

CPR Training Session conducted at Renaissance Jagriti Club House on 23Feb2014

Duration of the course: 3+  hours (10:15 AM – 1:30 PM)

Trainer: Dr.Nithya from Nightingales Lifesaving Services

Number of Attendees: 24


Cardio Pulmonary Resurrection is a procedure to be administered on any person who is lying unconscious and who does not have a pulse. This could be due to a heart attack, accidents, electric shock, snake bite or any other reason. We learnt about the importance of administering CPR as soon as possible (within 5 minutes) until medical help arrives. We were all also able to practice this procedure using life size mannequins of an adult and an infant. Additionally, we were taught how to administer CPR on children, a drowning victim and on pregnant women. We were taught how to deal with choking in children and adults. Dr.Nithya was very well prepared for the session and was able to answer all our questions, even if they occasionally veered into other areas of first aid. Her explanations were in plain English without the use of too much medical jargon. The participants were primarily from Waterwoods, Jagriti and Waterville although we had participants from other communities in Whitefield as well. There were also a couple of 16 year olds who joined our session. The session was very interactive and the feedback from participants was very positive. At the end of the session, all of us received a certificate and a manual. As we wrapped up for the day, most participants hoped that they would never need to use this procedure in real life but if they needed to, they felt confident that they could help save a life.


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