We do not want heavy trucks through Whitefield

We do not want heavy trucks through Whitefield

Trucks and school busesSHOW UP

Come and make your voice heard loud and clear – Feb 7, Saturday at 9:00 am at Varthur Kodi (Varthur circle). You will be helping reduce preventable truck traffic  on our very congested roads.
We are asking for:
  1. NO LONG DISTANCE TRUCKS  ON SH 35  School Village Road- Sarjapur to Old Madras Road  – use NH 207! 


Our children are affected by massive traffic on the commonly called Varthur Road (SH 235) all the way from Sarjapur –Past Varthur–Past Hope Farm. This road SH 235 is simply too narrow to handle such traffic not to mention the Varthur bridge that was never built for such a load. We are getting together as Whitefield Rising to request action. Long distance trucks which currently frequent these roads can very well use National Highway 207 but don’t due to it being a bit longer as well as requiring Toll. This is not reason enough to affect our traffic so badly.
Many states in india as well as central parts of Bangalore, do not allow trucks all day long through its congested roads. We would like the same here. For large trucks carrying non-essential services within the area, they should use non-peak hours to travel these roads. This will greatly reduce impacts we face from these trucks.


  1. Interstate Long Distance Trucks to use NH 207 (toll road) instead of this narrow SH 235 (40 feet wide) bypass through small villages and schools.
  2. Restricted hours for Non Essential trucks (eg construction trucks) across Whitefield (No movement from 6:00 am to 10:00 am and again from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
See the map visuals below that clearly depict the ask. This is not ACROSS Bangalore. Just in key areas of Whitefield which is currently under extreme traffic stress.


  1. But Trucks have to go to CONCOR or Cement Factory.
    Yes – they can access them via Channasandra–Hope–Farm and return back the same way – ie no forwrad movement to ITPL or sidemovements onto SH 35.
  2. But so much development is happenning here. We have to bring materials to construct.
    Yes this can be done within the hours allocated. These trucks cannot compete with School buses and peak hour residential traffic.
  3. But Water tankers are causing havoc.
    Yes – they are considered essential services and cannot be stopped. Best is to try to get self reliant via careful use, rain water harvesting and cauvery water.


  1. August-September 2014- Online Petition Launch, 1500 signatures collected from parents
  2. September 7, 2014, MN Reddi, Comm of Police visits us at Jagriti Theatre and accepts the petition and assures action especially since the ban was already being worked on across Bangalore
  3. January  2015:  2 weeks of ban in place across Bangalore and a palpable relief felt in Whitefield. Only to be revoked.



Here is a list though it is by no means exhaustive:
  1. Bangalore Steiner School
  2. Chrysalis School
  3. DPS (Sarjapur Road)
  4. Greenwood High School
  5. Global Indian International School
  6. Indus International
  7. Inventure Academy
  8. Oakridge School
  9. The International School, Bangalore
  10. Vagdevi Vilas School
  11. Foundation School
  12. Ryan International
  13. Vibgyor
  14. Neev
  15. Indus ELC
  16. Greenwood ELC

Local Trucks Restriction Zone

Long Distance Truck Route

8 thoughts on “We do not want heavy trucks through Whitefield”

  1. Maureen David says:

    Maureen David I live in Whitefield, and, find that the road in and out of here, is getting more and more congested. Getting in and out of Whitefield takes an hour-and-half, at any time; except after 9 p.m. and I guess before 6 a.m. Sitting in traffic, waiting to move, is a waste of time, fuel, and, a health hazard. There is no circulation of traffic, so congestion takes place. Getting to the hospital in which I am registered for over 18 years, and, where all my health records, and, doctors are; cannot be reached in an emergency. I am 75 years old, and, so I have to worry, “If I have to be rushed to the hospital, will, I make it there in time, or, not?” Ambulances can’t get through, so ‘life and death’ situations are made, when there is no movement of traffic. The need is to have free flow of traffic, even if it is circuitous. A route in and out of Whitefield is necessary. The problem has to be solved, and. immediately.

  2. Savitha says:

    Traffic is growing by leaps n bounds,the trucks that need to ply for essential services are only to do so. The others are to be strictly stopped. The government has a responsibilty after collecting taxes to ensure roads do not have bottlenecks. There are lots of projects where foundations have been laid by many including honoroble CM, the underpasses, flyovers and alternate roads for easing the huge traffic (eg the kammanhalli underpass is in thd works for a long time now). Who is monitoring the implementation? Govt is not an agency to just collect taxes and make money during its tenure, they are also answerable to provide basic infra so that common man can use the roads to reach work or to go to hospital.

  3. Ramakrishna says:

    Does anyone know when the Whitefield-Varthur Road will be fixed, now that the pipeline work is Completed?

  4. Amit Sharma says:

    I stay in white-field, and felt the big relief we got during two weeks of heavy vehicle movement ban in january 2015. It’s sad that now heavy vehicles are plying throughout the day including peak hours. This shows that our representatives don’t care about common man. The solutions proposed by white-field rising team are pretty practical and need to be implemented immediately.

  5. Babu says:

    It is very sad that the trucks are back in the whitefield residential area, the concerned need to immediately ban the truck movement in vartur kodi, whitefield & kadugodi as these areas always has peak traffic. With trucks all office goers , school goers are in a soup as they need to negotiate the heavy trucks all day long. Trucks are not allowed in the core timings in other parts of the city then why this cannot be implemented in whitefield and adjoining areas. The trucks has to take the NH 207 instead of entering into the residential areas especially when we have the ITPL and EPIP areas in Whitefield. I hope the concerns will take action immediately, if they fail to do so then let us start our campaign for this good cause again

  6. Babu says:

    Doesnot know why the ban on trucks on this road are lifted?

  7. Deb says:

    For God sake, please ban these trucks/lorries, heavy vehicular movements from 6 AM to 11 PM – straight away – without any second thought !!!

    Let the administration become slightly civilized and act ! Its a laughable affair when we see people coming from Central Bangalore and other parts and notices such things !!

    Let Government act or else they leave – let others come in and address ASAP

  8. Kunal says:

    With trucks, lorries and tractors plying on Whitefield Road at peak hours, traffic condition is as bad as it can get. With so much revenue being generated by ITPL for state and nation don’t we deserve better?

    We do !!!! But what do we get – Bad roads with potholes the size of craters, non existent traffic management services, pathetic electricity and water supply.