Nellurhalli Rises

Today we did one of the biggest spot fix. Nellurhalli Junction is full of potholes and we decided to fix it. Praveen Kumar traffic warden and resident of Ne11242549_10205846720820660_5056429195063923747_ollurhalli requested support from Sumadhura infracon private limited for their support. They provided 10 round of cement debris, 15 labours, 1 JCB. Finally we accomplished “Mission impossible”. We started work at 8:30 PM and it finished at 12:45 AM. Big thanks to Sumadhura infracon private limited, Praveen, Murugaraj Swaminathan, Aswin Subramanian Shakespear Dasarathan Srinivas Reddy @Danny lamba.

One thought on “Nellurhalli Rises”

  1. Piroja Mehta says:

    The Road from Shell Petrol Pump towards Nellurhalli is being relaid at long last. But why is this being undertaken in the monsoon season? Yesterday’s work has been washed away today and tax payers’ money is being squandered! Wonder who will bring the ward officers to book!