Volunteering opportunity

Once a week (fixed with flexibility)
One hour Between 12 and 3
Location: Satya Sai Super Speciality Hospital
Job: Speak to the new admissions that come from all over India for serious cardio and neuro surgery which is done for free. You will counsel on pre-post surgery hygiene. (Easy)
Challenge: Patients will be from different regions speaking different languages. So we will use pictures, gestures, a booklet and more. It works out!.
What’s in it for you: You will take back way more than the one hour you will give
Benefit: this specific role brings down post surgery infection dramatically. Many patients actually suffer significantly after major surgery not because of the original condition or surgery but because of post surgery infection !

Can work with once in 2 weeks option as well. Write to saisampat@gmail.com to enroll or to me at nramakri@gmail.com if you want more details.

Update based on questions I am getting.

What you will do: You will simply go patient to patient. (Sometimes 2 sometimes 10+) and communicate what they should do before surgery and after. Eg, keep nails trimmed, wash hair with product x, drink only boiled water etc. There is a list. The only challenge will be when you encounter someone who speaks a diff language. For that multiple options are there. Point to picture and the sentences in diff languages in booklet. I used a recording from friends for Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya and Bengali. Other languages I could cover. Even without this we can just use gestures.