Neighbor lets sewage onto street

Neighbor lets sewage onto street
For over a year, this building has been letting its sewage into the Storm Drain on the Whitefield Main road. Its occupants (Commercial tenants) didn’t really know about it. Unfortunately, the storm drain which is supposed to end in the Lake, ended abruptly on the main road. So all its contents suddenly spilt out onto the road. Pedestrians, Homes and shops all along the bore the stench until one resident decided to do something about it in partnership with BBMP. Within a few hours, the street is bone dry. But soon, the building’s occupants now get a stench. What next?


The Building in Question

Pic 6

The outlet from the Building. Most tenants don’t even see this since they park elsewhere and go straight to their shop or PG room. This enters a Storm Water Drain on the main road. This then flows onwards to Varthur Lake.

        Pic 1

Point where the  the Storm Water drain unfortunately ends abruptly (Separate issue!). Therefore this water simply flows onto the road. And has for years now.

        Pic 2

The old residents     now cannot step out of the gate.

Pic 7

BBMP swings into action after providing several notices before.
   Pic 9

BBMP Seals it shut