Kundanahalli Rising!

Read this first person account by Arvind Keerthi. Note that this fix was initiated and run by an individual that had never been to a fix before. He achieved this. What are you waiting for? Just write to spotfix@whitefieldrising.org and we will help you get started.  And yes, we consider Kundanahalli to be part of Whitefield.


Arvind writes…

More than thirty of us converged near Mayura Sagar, Brookefields, on Sunday to clean up a giant mud-ball, remove trash laced with used syringes, and paint up an ungainly wall.

It was actually not one, but three simultaneous spot-fixes.

And the participants came not just from the immediate localities, but also Ryan School Road, Marathahalli, Hoodi Circle and Kormangala.
One passer-by stopped, picked up one our shovels and started helping. He was visiting from New Delhi.
Need I say any more about the energy and camaraderie of we, the people?
This spot-fix (actually, three), yet another notch (actually, three notches) on our gun, is duly recorded on this map.
A total of Rs. 6,100 was generously contributed (here are the accounts), which will be used to replace the consumed paints, pay the tractor to move the dirt, buy new equipment for future spot-fixes. (Yes, there was a shortage of equipment, but only due to the overwhelming response, something we need to prepare for future spot-fixes.)
Ketki, our volunteer-photographer, will be posting before/after photos, but there’re already facebookgoogle+ posts with our photos and videos.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
May we do many more spot-fixes, and may we soon involve the BBMP some in our efforts.
Thanks and regards,