Government School kids need your children’s old books and stationery

IMG_20140510_152447314 At the end of the academic session while cleaning my daughters’ bookshelves I found we have many books in very good condition that can be used by someone. So I started looking for a place, where someone can use these books. Through Whitefield Rising Face Book page I came to know that some people are running some bridge schools for poor children at different centers. They were happy to take those books.

While searching for a place to donate books I found many parents like me are also interested to give used books to less fortunate students. So I took a little initiative and many people came forward to help me, and together we collected a large number of books (Text books and Story books), toys, stationery, notebooks etc. Now these will be used by the students of the bridge school run by Samridhdhi Trust, RG Halli Government School students ( All story books will go to the library  at RG Halli Govt School run by Sumedha Godkindi ).


My thanks to these kind people who really helped in this initiative.

  • Tailor Bird Library.(We used this library as book collection center, and they circulated an email to all their members about the book collection drive, which helped a lot and we collected a large number of books from there).
  • Ms. Rajani Mani and her friends from Vaswani Pinnacle and  Ms. Shailaja Rangarajan from Balaji Pristine, who collected books from their communities.
  • Mr. Nitesh Shah (By providing beautiful baskets for collecting books)

And of course Whitefield Rising group by giving constant support and encouragement!

Sampa Chakraborty

3 thoughts on “Government School kids need your children’s old books and stationery”

  1. Cauvery says:


    Congrats on this good initiative…
    I have some books of my kids that can be used by others. Is there a place I can deliver these books to?


  2. Giving away used books is a good habit. I’ve seen individuals who are doing this kind of effort and you are one of them. You’re doing a great job!

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