How Kundanahalli happened

How Kundanahalli happened

18 months ago Anjali requested that BBMP please cover the drains at Kundanahalli. But the Signal Free corridor was to come so it was deemed “wasted effort”. Having been frustrated with the lack of progress she partnered with a company and Nitesh Shah to build a temp bus stop and also managed to persuade BBMP to cover the drain. They did but they ran short of slabs and left a portion incomplete ! Still it was better than before. Summoned there yet again for traffic warden duty earlier this week, she had finally had ENOUGH. She couldn’t believe the conditions under which commuters were just standing by that open drain. In her words ” not only was there a dead rat on the pavement, it was also decomposed “! Out of frustration, she called RK Misra who not only managed to quickly get BBMP to move some drain covers here but in her words, his person on the ground Seetharam gets 110% credit for standing there all day to ensure it is done! She had even signed up to paying the transport cost for the truck but ultimately didn’t need to. And that’s how the drain cover story goes. Now the questions remain 1)how is the situation at kundanahalli bus stop acceptable. 2)Why is the signal free corridor taking so long 3)does everyone have to call RK to get basic hygiene level infra 4)what can the common man do… For now, all of you standing at Kundanahalli can send your silent gratitude to Seetharam, RK Misra KHand Anjali.

2 thoughts on “How Kundanahalli happened”

  1. Ananth says:

    Thanks for your selfless efforts. It’s sad that despite such efforts from our side the government agencies do not act.

    Why can’t we file a case against BBMP folks? If RK can push them and get the slabs arranged then it means a neglect of duty from them.

  2. Neha says:

    Brilliant job you guys! Thanks much! Being greedy, can I ask for more Plz. I have been observing how the buses never stop at the allocated bus stops and stop right at the junction and stop traffic at the junction. Kundanahalli Gate and Marathalli bus stops are burning examples of the same. Can we not work with traffic police guys to enforce this. If done for a time of 2 months or so, the bus drivers should get used to stopping at the designated bus stop locations, which are actually far from the signals. The drivers need to be fined. Bus drivers and conductors have a mortal fear of the inspection officer wrt bus tickets. Why can’t we get the same fear in them wrt stopping at the bus stop location and not right at the signals. They are a huge cause of chaos and jams at major signals in our area.