Wanted-update on road works

Many people are currently volunteering to monitor progress.

Some updates.
1. Hope Farm to Kodi -DBM layer was done sometime ago. Manholes kept 40mm above for pending BC layer. Will be done in November-December after footpath/OFC ducting work.

2. Kodi to Kundalahalli – Backfilling and Asphalting of BWSSB Sewage Line trenches has started. Will be finished in 2 weeks (rains holding up). Then 50 mm full width DBM will be laid (like Hope Farm-Kodi) and then finally 40mm BC after Footpath/OFC ducting work. End December.

3. Shell Pump to Nellurhalli to ITPL – 5.5mtr width ready to be asphalted. 3 layers BM, DBM and BC. Wait to see/comment on quality till all 3 layers done.
Was to start on Sunday but last week’s rain left moisture in sub surface. So hopefully tomorrow if no rain.
Full width asphalting (18mtr including drains) only after land acquisition which is stuck as people not giving land against TDR. New more lucrative TDR rules being framed. By November end. Will try acquisition again in December.

4. Kodi to Gunjur – Civil work started along lake will go up to Gunjur BBMP limit (Nursery). Asphalting post Dassara.

4. Channsandra-Hope Farm-ITPL-Hoodi to KR Puram
Asphalting will be done post Dassara (after rain stops). Footpaths/Drain cover work will start soon.

5. Hoodi-Graphite-Kundalahalli – Asphalting in December.

6. Hope Farm, Phoenix/HP and Kundalahalli Underpass and Hoodi Flyover –
Land acquisition is the only issue. It will start in December after new TDR rules come into effect. After acquisition (3 months) it will take 9-12 months for Underpasses and 18 months for flyover.

7. Borewell Rd (60%) will be dug (major digging) very deep after December to connect final reaches of BWSSB Sewage line.

8. ORR Rehabilitation & Traffic Management (KR Puram to Silk Board 18km) will be taken up by BDA. Board approval done. Tenders will be called by month end. Start by Jan a d end by March 2016.
Includes fully tarred Service Roads, Full Length Footpaths, Railings, Drain Covers, Lane Markings, Traffic Management system, Bus Shelters and pedestrian sky walks.

Hope this helps and gives some hope to Whitefielders who have suffered so much and for so long…

This update provided by RK Misra.

4 thoughts on “Wanted-update on road works”

  1. Murugan P says:


    Is there any update on Ramagondanahalli-Borewell Road ( Skylark greens, Midtown)?

  2. Denil says:

    Finally some concrete steps in the pipeline. Also how feasible is it to make sure that the asphalted road is not immediately used by the ongoing traffic because no sooner does the tarmac set in that the traffic starts pouring in and the road is in shambles within months. We have to make sure the heated tar gets to set ad cure atleast a whole day or two before the traffic starts plying on it

  3. Anand kumar says:

    Excellent work by all you folks in WR who are doing your every bit to make Whitefield livable, fhanks!

    Two comments

    1) the road from Kodi to Kundanahalli – work seems to be happening but thickness of asphalt seems very fine; I presume more layers will happen on top of currently laid layer?

    2) is there a plan to increase number of policemen in Whitefield? I understand that they are terribly under staffed and are still having position numbers from 1984, although our area has grown so many fold since?



  4. Jalal says:

    Is there any way we can get the man holes that BWSSB put on the roads to road level?
    Now there are many of them protruding 3 to 6 inches or more on the Kundanahalli-Whitefield stretch.

    The understanding was that the man hole height/levels will be adjusted during the final asphalting phase to the road level … As usual BWSSB/BBMP and the contractor seems to have washed off their hands?