Workshop on personal safety for children

Workshop on personal safety for children

A Parivatan workshopworkshop was conducted by Counsellors trained at Parivarthan Institute of Counselling and Research. This well organized, informative, useful, relevant, and practical workshop was organised at Veracious Lansdale Clubhouse in July end. Some of the key learnings from the workshop are summarised below.

  • Every domain of a child’s world has some kind of dangers. A parent cannot be with the child 24×7.
  • In 90% cases abusers are known and trusted by the child.
  • So the best protection for a child is that you become the person he/she can talk freely.

The first part of the workshop explained how to listen to the child effectively. If they feel listened to, they will feel more understood and have more trust. This can really improve the communication between parents and the child which in turn keeps them safe from many unwanted things in their life. Second part of the workshop was about how to respect and understand the child’s feelings and emotions from the very beginning and how this builds confidence in the child to say NO when they are in some uncomfortable situation created by some adult. For a child it is not easy to say something against an adult. There were also some guidelines for parents about how to teach ownership of body. From very young age how to teach a child gently that he/she is the BOSS of his /her own body and private parts belong to him/her. It is known that abusers target emotionally vulnerable children who do not get adequate attention since it is easy to win their trust. The more involved and vigilant parents are in their child’s life, the safer he /she will be.

  •  CSA is a staggering 53% ( Ministry of Woman and Child Welfare-2007 )
  • 90% of abusers are known to the child.
  • CSA leaves long term psychological and physical scars
  • Silence enables the abuser & perpetuates abuse.

If you want to arrange this  workshop at your community please contact Rwitoja Mukherjee Counsellor +91 9902 588653 080-41743258 Counselors are trained at Parivarthan Institute of Counselling and Research and have also done short term courses at NIMHANS ,they are part of the team of counsellors manning Parivarthan Counseling Helpline.