Whitefield Rising ties up with QUICK RIDE

Whitefield Rising ties up with QUICK RIDE

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More than 55,000 commuters in Bengaluru are part of the ride-sharing platform, which works in real time to connect commuters travelling on the same route.

Whitefield Rising Wishes Quicker Rides

Since its inception four years ago, Whitefield Rising (WR) has supported initiatives that lead to a greener and cleaner planet, and technology and enterprise that are eco-friendly and ethical. To reduce traffic congestion, WR has campaigned for better rail and bus services, promoted cycling and publicized car-pooling. Car-pooling decreases air and noise pollution. It reduces single-occupant vehicles, brings down parking woes and saves you the stress of driving. It also saves precious fuel, foreign exchange and money.

PoolCircle App

In 2016, WR joined hands with PoolCircle to launch a moderated car-pool community. Many residents continue to successfully use the app, which involves zero monetary transaction.
This article describes the experience of PoolCircle users: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/…/pool-circle-completes-… Details about PoolCircle are also available at: www.poolcircle.com/wr

Quicker Rides

To give users a wider choice and multiple options, WR has now tied up with Quick Ride. More than 55,000 commuters in Bengaluru are part of the ride-sharing platform, which works in real time to connect commuters travelling on the same route.

In the last few weeks, WR volunteers met the management of Quick Ride and did trial runs using the app. “Today, I successfully used Quick Ride from Whitefield to Domlur,” wrote a WR volunteer after his first trip. “Thanks to the app, I met the ride giver for the first time and coordinated the pick-up through the in-built chat facility.” Quick Ride involves transaction through points, which can be recharged through e-wallets and other means.
Riders should take adequate precautions. Unlike PoolCircle, there is no moderated users’ pool in this instance. (PoolCircle, too, allows you to go beyond ‘WR circle’ by modifying your profile.) WR cannot vouch for either the service or the
rider or ride-seeker. WR is only publicizing the platform that brings people together. The judgement to pool remains yours.

All issues should be raised directly with the company, iDisha Info Labs Pvt. Ltd, Marathahalli, by calling +91.80.39515455 or writing tosupport@quickride.in or through www.quickride.in

How to Sign Up

Quick Ride can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Android https://goo.gl/h1TUo1;
iOS http://ow.ly/Zf8EM

Download the app
First time sign up. Apply promo code WR2017.
On activation, you need to complete your profile and provide company name and official e-mail address. Upon providing your official e-mail address, you will need to get yourself verified by an automated e-mail sent to your official e-mail address.

For detailed instructions on offer ride or find ride, please view ‘how to videos’ at: https://goo.gl/LLxACL

Tutorial on Quick Ride
Here are a few series of tutorials on how to use Quick Ride: https://goo.gl/LLxACL
To get answers to frequently asked questions, visit: www.quickride.in/help.php