Whitefield Infra – Road works

Whitefield Infra – Road works

Whitefield Rising has laboured with the Government to bring as much attention to Whitefield as possible.  It means, understanding what we need, what works are already budgeted, what that budgeted work actually translates to, timelines, pushing for more work, questioning usage of funds etc etc etc. Over the last year, this group has quietly pieced together the attached information. Whitefield Infra - Road works

5 thoughts on “Whitefield Infra – Road works”

  1. Avinandan Ghosh says:

    Ritu, thanks for such illustrative update. One suggestion from my end would be to improve the condition of the arterial roads, during this ‘work-in-progress’ status. Currently, the arterial roads are in pathetic conditions, so to say. The arterial roads definitely helps in taking away tons of pressure from the major roads indicated above.

  2. Saurabh says:

    Let us finish the work fast and show quick progress. All the roads are dug up for last 6 months or so very little progress. Not sure what infra and road work are we talking about. Too much of talk very little action on the ground!

  3. Chirag Katudia says:

    Really appreciate such initiatives.

    The most critical and worst part of Whitefield infrastructure is the road condition. And I guess Whitefield is worst affected area in comparison of other developed area in Bangalore. I am ready to participate, help, contribute but not sure how to approach govt/bbmp to get the work done. Crores rupees are sanctioned to build proper road but what we see is the worst patchy roads. We need to take this issue at bigger level, highlight the issues in media, involve residential and regular commuting people and I am sure people will support and put pressure on BBMP.

    Any other ideas are welcomed but lets be serious about Whitefield infrastructure to get feel proud of world’s second largest IT hub (after California’s bay area).

  4. Bobby Chundatt says:

    Thanks to the WR group for making such a good website to collaborate and resolve problems .
    The condition of ECC road from ECC to GR Tech park is so very bad . How do we know the timelines for the road work to get completed ?

    Can we collect a small amount from each vehicle that moves through that road, raise some money and get it done ourselves ? Atleast the basic levelling with cement / concrete ?

  5. Bala says:

    Really appreciate the initiatives of whitefield rising. I am one of the frustrated residents in Borewell road. This road is currently in horrible state. I walk every day with fear of being run over by a tspeeding anker lorry (I need to board my company bus at the whitefield mainroad and return back). There is no pedestrian walk way firstly and absence of speed-breakers make it worse (vehicles speed in zig-zag way to avoid pothholes in this bad road). Secondly, the road width is ridiculously small to accommodate such a large infrastructure (The area may get 100’s of apartments further). There is likely to be more road accidents in such narrow roads. Even if we solve over-speeding with speed breakers, the big traffic mess created with this large infrastructure cannot be solved by current road width. Is there a solution in sight?