The Focus Group

Waste Management

(Garbage and Sanitation): 
Get litter off the streets of Whitefield. This means getting people to segregate, getting the pickup process to work and changing behaviors so the streets remain clean. A tall order for any Indian city but not impossible. This is a fun group with a lot of good natured camaraderie and a lot of creative work being done.

Projects Include:

Eat your Street
A first of its kind in India but quite successful in many communities abroad. This involves taking a public space that may or may not be littered, and transforming it into a edible landscape by providing.

Projects Include:

  • Ramagondanahalli School
  • 10 spots on Model Street

Stray Dogs
A methodical but safe and humane approach towards reducing the Stray Dogs population of Whitefield. Join a passionate group to progress this initiative.

Water: Whitefield’s water table is below 800 feet. The Lakes are incredibly polluted and there is no comprehensive plan to make a dent to this situation. Read this section to really understand Whitefield Specific Information

Projects include:

Lakes: Whitefield’s Lakes are dry or polluted with little focused effort to improve the situation. Join this team to bring your leadership in making a difference.

Traffic: Getting in, out and around Whitefield is getting to be madness. Some changes needed are infrastructural. Others can be small changes that make a huge difference. Eg: Stop certain U Turn options etc. If you have a passion to volunteer here, please join us!