Sustainable Living in Whitefield is easier than you thought

moviesStep 1: Watch some great videos

  1. Story of Stuff
  2. Story of Bottled Water
  3. Earthlings
  4. Toxic Food on your plate : Satyamev Jayate: Aamir Khan
  5. Plastic Bags in Cows – 5000 deaths you and I cause

Step  2: Good News: You can actually do something

  • Recycle your waste. The less you throw out as garbage, the less likely it is to end up polluting yourself..
  • Compost! You can avoid 60% of your waste from loading our already loaded garbage system. And it is amazing for your own plants. No to plastic
  • Conserve and Reuse Water. Harness rain water. For a 4 person household, you have to be under 1000 litres a day.
  • Buy Organic Food and also Cruelty Free Products (So much is available within Whitefield and turns out cheaper!)
  • Get organic Milk  – delivered to your home
  • Ask for degradable or Recyclable  packaging whenever possible
  • Do NOT buy bottled water. Really, this one is only initially hard but you will feel great doing it.
  • Gift Wrap: DO NOT use that shiny underside wrap that is often freely provided by the shop. Wrap with newspaper and make it pretty or buy a recycled product like this.
  • Carry your own cloth bag to the stores. (Chide the store if they give you plastic bags!).
  • Do not use disposable party supplies

As Step 3: When you find the above very easy, do the below!

  • Visit the Whitefield Farmer’s Market 1st sunday of each month at Forum Value Mall
  • Discover medicinal herbs. Write to
  • Discover places like Navadarshanam
  • Support your local NGOs – Devika’s Tetrapacks
  • Discover opportunities for Meditation and Yoga in the area.
  • Join Freecycle 

Great Local Businesses you should shop at!

  1. terrace gardeningNisarga: A great lcoal store for all your as organic as possible provisions. Especially good is their Friday only Vegetable produce. Stock up here and while at it,  discover great, surprisingly economical stuff like detergents, exotic beauty products etc.  Be surprised.
  2. Organic Milk:  Akshayakalpa
  3. More bulk produce: Navadarshanam and Pro Nature both set up a monthly stall at Laughing Waters thanks to Rajesh Shah. Please organize these in your own communities if interested.
  4. Karunashraya
  5. DSC06400Composting and Terrace Gardening: Grow your own food. So many people are already doing this in Whitefield. Its soo easy. Atleast your greens can come from here.
  6. Compost from Inventure Academy
  7. Art Cafe at BIMA : Enjoy a delicious cup of flavored tea and whole wheat baked goodies. Baked stuff is made out of whole wheat ONLY.  Bangalore Institute of Music and Art : 325/1, Opposite Inner Circle Park, Next to Neev Academy, Behind Whitefield Memorial Church ( about 2 km from Forum Value Mall). Durga Menon:  8105162111/ 9379969122.Open from 11am to 7 pm, Monday to Saturday
  8. Ritu’s Gift Bags: Recycled Gift Bags from cereal boxes and the like.
  9. All purpose Bags: Recycled Tetrapacks becoming really Fashionable: Devika’s bags (Make sure your tetrapack reaches her! She lives in Whitefield)
  10. Herbal/Medicinal Plants: Write to

A list of resources for finding sustainable products in Whitefield

Adoption of sustainable practices is not just good for environment, but good for business and a smart plan for future growth