Waste Warrior School

Waste Warrior School
A responsibly managed sports event at Inventure Academy with no generation of non recyclable disposables
Almost 300kg wet waste generated comprising of food, tissues, paper liners and biodegradable cutlery were managed inside the school premises by putting them for composting in a pit.
This has saved a huge carbon print involved if the waste was discarded outside.
All 11 food stalls used only compostable cutlery made of leaf, sugarcane bagasse and wood. By using leaf cutlery from Amogh Trust we are happy to support local economy creating social impact as these cutlery are made by 18+ year old intellectually challenged adults.
Some of the non recyclables used:
Water stations with reusable tumblers.
Reusable ceramic cups for coffee tea.
Reusable tumblers for buttermilk.

Very happy to have saved more than 5000 disposables from ending in LANDFILL getting burnt with great support from Team Inventure.

This initiative was led by Mrs Lakshmi Sankaran (laksan_inin@yahoo.com)

Water stations with reusable tumblers

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  1. Pekon says:

    Thanks much. Very good initiative