Safe Street

Safe Street

When I first set step in Bangalore way back in 2003, on my way from the railway station to the HP guest house in HSR 6th stage (near silk board), my autodriver suddenly braked his auto in the middle of Koramangala traffic signal (where the Forum Mall is now situated), and ran away. It took me 5-10 minutes to realize that he and may other autodrivers were helping an injured Kinetic rider. After working in Delhi (where I encountered very harsh culture from the milieu) for 5 years, this was a shock for me. I instantly decided, this is my future home. People are humane. I was born and educated in the Northeast, where humanity is part and parcel of people’s lives. I could see the same in Bangalore (which unfortunately I missed in Delhi). A year down the line, I had an accident on my Pulsar 180 (a very heavy and fast mobike) at BTM, and badly injured. Someone carried me to the nearest hospital, and took care of the Pulsar. Then, I decided to give back that same kindness to others. The first time, it was at JP Nagar signal I stopped that Pulsar at a green signal to pass an elderly gentleman cross the road. Drivers behind me honked, yelled, abused, but I stood still. The gentleman crossed the road, looked back at me, smiled, and raised both his hands as if giving me aashirvaad. Can you feel what I must have gone through? Nothing else mattered that day. My latest experience was a few months back, I was on the Purva Riviera flyover, heading towards Kundanahalli, that I noticed a blind man (from his stick) far trying to cross the road near Sankara Eye hospital. I had made up my mind. As I reached Snap-Fitness/Dominos, I put on my parking lights and slowed down to a stop. Traffic behind me came to a halt. People started honking, screaming. And someone quickly held the hand of the blind man and helped him cross the road. I moved on, as some drivers smiled, while others yelled expletives. But can you imagine the inner satisfaction I got?

That’s when I started talking to a few like-minded colleagues, and created this “Safe Street” page the road


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  1. vidhya says:

    I totally identify with what you felt .keep up the good work