Frequently Asked Questions
1. Shouldn’t the BBMP just take care of everything? Why should I need to show up?
Ans. This is a major investment by CSR funds of a private company that will purify the lake, make it beautiful, reduce groundwater contamination. The primary beneficiaries are we, the lake-and-kaluve-adjacent residents. Top government officials, including our Member of Parliament P C Mohan, MLA Arvind Limbavali and Bangalore i/c Minister K J George are expected. If WE, THE PEOPLE don’t show up in numbers, the message that goes to the attending political leadership is that there is no voter bloc here.
2. I have an important Monday morning client meeting. Is this show all that important for me to attend? 
Ans. At the elections held last year, Doddanekkundi Ward’s turnout was 37%, lowest in Bangalore. (Brookefields Layout was 25%, lowest in Doddanekkundi.) This poor showing makes it very difficult to raise government funds for local public works. If you want greater government attention and a better neighborhood, then please make the two-hours only Monday morning investment. WE, THE PEOPLE have got to emerge from our self-imposed cloak of invisibility. WE, THE PEOPLE have got to change the lethargic, unbothered image that the ruling class have developed of us.
KUNDALAHALLI LAKE STP GROUNDBREAKING 22-FEB-20163. Tell me once again, why is this function important?
  1. It spreads awareness of the danger of sewage dumping.
  2. It raises to government officials the profile and demands of quality-of-life of the people.
  3. It shows potential sponsors a way to invest CSR in a hyper-local fashion.
  4. It is a highly mixed audience, comprising traditional villagers and newer move-ins (i.e., apartment-dwellers), offering them a chance to network and build a neighborhood without suspicion or antagonism.