Pledge Your Eyes

Pledge Your Eyes

Poster Every year India celebrates National Eye Donation Fortnight between the last week of August to the first week of September. During this various advocacy initiatives and programs are organized across India. India is home to 4.6 Million corneally blind people. Out of 4.6 Million 90% are below the age of 45 years including 60% below the age of 12 years. Out of 4.6 Million, at least 3 Million can benefit by corneal transplantation. It’s been 28 years into the initiative and we still fall far short of the desired number of eye donations. Last year, we hardly received 40,000 eyes pan India. A strong advocacy initiative with involvement of the community physically, emotionally and mentally is the need of the hour. Sankara Eye Hospital Bangalore, established in March 2008under the aegis of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust, is a super-specialty tertiary eye care hospital equipped with world class technology to provide comprehensive quality eye care services comparable to the best in international standards. Sankara Eye Hospital is part of the Sankara Eye Care Institutions (SECI) established in 1977 with its headquarters in Coimbatore. Sankara Eye Care Institutions have 13 functioning hospitals across the country and a team of over 1000 dedicated professionals. The primary focus of the group is on quality eye care to the socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society. Through Bangalore, we serve 9 districts and have performed over 45,000 vision restoration procedures in the last three years. Every year, Sankara organizes various awareness programs, walkathons, seminars and other advocacy initiatives to reach out to the people and remove the myths associated with eye donation. Pledge your eyes / Donate so one human can see again 

4 thoughts on “Pledge Your Eyes”

  1. ritu says:

    Mr Gopal ( writes this.
    Good you are promoting pledging of eyes.
    The eyes of my mother who died six months ago were donated to Sankara Eye Hospital. Very simple procedure.
    Body (after death) can also be donated for medical research.
    My wife and I have pledged our bodies after death for medical research.
    Have a look at the attachments.

    The nodal hospital in Bangalore for this is MSR Medical College.
    I think there are about 600 body donors in Bangalore.

    Medical students hardly get bodies for study..

  2. K Saravanan says:

    Registered on Sankara site. Had always wanted to do that; but never got around to researching and finding out how.

  3. Pravir says:

    We must all pledge our eyes. Many Whitefielders, including me, did so at Sankara Eye Hospital, when Mrs Uma & Mr Ranganathan, supported by Rotary IT Corridor, RK Misra and Dr Sunita Maheshwari, organised a treasure hunt cum cycle rally from Varthur Kodi to Kadugudi to the hospital via EPIP. We signed the form, collected blank forms and encouraged others to sign up.

  4. Viji Vennelakanti says:

    My mother battled cancer for several years and succumbed to it a couple months ago. It was her wish to donate her eyes and her body for research. We couldn’t donate her other organs but her eyes have outlived her, per her wishes. So proud of you, mom! Thank you, Sankara – you made it real easy for us during that difficult period!