Ozone Veracious Access Road Fix

BrigadeHarmonyWallBeforeAfterOzone, Veracious Landsdale, Chaitanya Armadale, Brigade Harmony

One resident stood by and watched the transformation at the Ramagondanahalli Spot Fix. Empowered she spread the word in her community. Another resident had independently been lamenting at the state of the road. Two other communities had their own issues from the same road even though they werent using it for access. Thats it. They got together and it was magic.

A 300ft long, 30 ft wide common access road in front of Prestige Ozone and Veracious Lansdale, Brigade Harmony and Chaitanya Armadale was transformed with just one week’s planning. Led by Kiran Khanna and Sampa Chakraborty, the massive cleanup operation which saw several children also come out to support took more than 2 days to complete. This road located and in full view of the main areas in Whitefield had issues different from the one on the Ramagondanahalli stretch and that meant new thinking and creativity to solve their local problems.  The work involved initial clean up of the street and sidewalk, de-weeding, solid waste removal, defining the existing curb on either side of the 30 ft road, raising the level by adding sand, pavers, and painting the curb with yellow and black stripes. This place has seen a super transformation and is a site for sore eyes

Watch this powerful video by Ketki to see the citizens in action