Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

A vigilant and engaged community is a safe community.

Not too long ago, we lived in villages where everyone knew everyone else. If anyone witnessed a crime, a crowd would come to the rescue of the victim. But somewhere, as we urbanized, we lost that sense of community and became nuclear. We avoided getting in the midst of trouble and worried about our personal safety and justifiably so. If you got involved, you might be beaten up too or face other troubles. Why take such risks when you have your own life and home to take care of. But then we also worried that we or our own friends/family could be the victims the next time and no one would come to our rescue.

Luckily, it does not need to be as dismal as this and we can reclaim our humanity and civility by engaging in Neighborhood Watch. What this means is that we club ourselves by gathering as a contiguous group of residents/businesses who are not only connected to each other but also to the Police so that we start keeping a watch on our area and report any suspicious activities or crimes quickly while steadily building a good rapport with the Police and being an asset to their work as well. To this end, Whitefield Rising has piloted this program in multiple areas that has seen benefits.

Program Details

  1. Groups are logically organized paralleling the assigned Constable’s beat.
  2. Constable is connected to the residents/business on the path.
  3. CCTVs (strong deterrents) are encouraged to be installed strategically sponsored by the residents/businesses
  4. The Inspector is always connected, available and engaged with the program and has periodic meets with the group
  5. All incidents are quickly reported and acted upon

This simple and yet extremely effective program Is implemented with varying flavors across many parts of the world, but this is a first in our parts. However, our pilots have quickly demonstrated success and we are now ready to roll this out to all parts of Greater Whitefield.

So what does it take to bring your part under this program?

  1. You assemble a group of willing resident communities/businesses. One SPOC per community is all that is needed along with one dedicated phone number that can be called anytime by the police.
  2. A confirmation that your own local Sub-inspector is willing to engage in the program. (We are working on this for all our wards via the NW Program center)
  3. You as a group engage by raising your and your community’s vigilance level and follow through on reporting, filing FIRs, installing CCTVs, lights etc over the year ahead in strategic locations.

To learn more about this program or to engage immediately, please write to providing as much detail as possible so as to enable effective communication.