Mr Pandey, MD of BESCOM is cool

Mr Pandey, MD of BESCOM is cool

We were pleasantly delighted to have Mr Pandey visit us in Whitefield with his team from BESCOM so he could see firsthand the issues we face here. Our Champion Anu orchestrated the event but not without having done weeks worth of homework. Walking the stretch, taking pictures, documenting the issues, visiting BESCOM, making hundreds of calls all resulted in a great meeting of the minds and the below email. It elicited an immediate response from the MD and true to his word, work has begun. But what we really hope to see is an ongoing relationship with BESCOM and work happening without any MD visits or Anu’s multiple calls ūüôā

Dear Mr Pandey and BESCOM Team

Whitefield Rising thanks you for your time, attention and the promise of a collaborative future for us. In the first phase of our long term relationship, we hope to establish credibility and trust by working together to resolve the first set of urgent issues we reviewed together. As agreed, we look forward to meeting you Mid March at a one month mark to review progress and adjust any mechanics as necessary.

 Phase 1: Resolve  crucial issues related to dangerously broken sidewalks, debris lying about,  Safety/Hazard issues, Protruding angles from BESCOM poles, Transformer issues, illegal/loose wires from BESCOM poles and a proactive measure on the widening Borewell Road in an attempt to save trees.

 Phase 2: This will be detailed during Phase 1. This may include Stretch owners taking part in monitoring/maintaining the Transformers in their area.

¬†Scope:¬†Whitefield: Specifically Kundanahalli to Hope Farm ‚Äď both approaches and ITPL.

 BESCOM 1st Level Team: Ravinder, Narasimha Pandit, Sheila

BESCOM Escalation: Chiknanjapp


# Category Details Current Status Sign Off
A  Restoration & tarring of road (includes removal of debris)  Stretch from Borewell Road to Geneva Factory where they have dug up to put new cables Road Tarred, but Debris not removed. Patch work done  
    Spot near Sobha Rose Not done Gautam
¬† ¬† Removal of unused cables & wires from the road ‚Äď Sobha Rose Stretch Not done Gautam
B Safety and Hazard Issues Big high tension wires in front of Balaji Pristine on both sides  Completed 11/2 Shailaja
    Cables running on road opposite I.T.P.L.   Not done  
    Big high tension wires at Prestige Shantiniketan Signal Not done Ritu G
    Big high tension wires at a junction of Aloft Hotel Lane Completed 11/2 Anjali S
    Cables on road with water flowing opp.ICICI Bank Not done  
C Angles protruding haphazardously   WFR to provide design Anu P
D All Transformer issues  Clean up WFR to provide action plan Anu P
    Loose wires    
    Spot Fix    
    Overhauling & Maintenance    
    Broken grill & door     
    No or broken door of Control Panel    
    Cutting of tree branches    
    Loose Wires    
E Loose & sagging wires on poles of BESCOM   BESCOM to put system in place  
F Borewell Road Shift the Electric pole to the other side of Borewell Road during this Widening process Work in co-ordination with BBMP Poonam
    Set process to inform residents of Borewell Road before cutting Tree

This email will be sent regularly until the closure of all Phase 1 issues which we anticipate will be by March 15.

 Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Whitefield Rising Team

Update on May 27 not as promising as we would have liked. 
Dear Mr Pandey

Greetings from Whitefield Rising!
This is a follow up report we have sent you on 27th March 2014.

We regret to inform you that not a single point has been actioned by BESCOM in the last 2 months. Anu Parekh our citizen representative for this initiative has been walking the streets trying to progress this with no real response from the team. Kindly advise us on what we should do next.

 Anu writes:
I had informed about these pending matters to Mr.Chiknanjappa 15 days back. The following points were also discussed :

1)  After cutting trees or branches by BESCOM, there has to be a proper system in place to clear debris immediately
2) Recently the lives of two boys were lost due to BESCOM negligence due to loose and exposed wires (This issue was mentioned in our pending matter chart).
3)We are facing a lot of power fluctuation and power failures in Whitefield.

The same chart above with all the issues detailed was attached with the latest status on each of them.

Oh no ūüôĀ