How to transfer BESCOM meter

BESCOM Meter Transfer Procedure @ Whitefield


  • NOC from Builder for transfer of BESCOM meter and deposits
  • Latest Electric bill copy along with paid receipt copy
  • Notarized Sale Deed copy

Notarization is available near Varthur Sub Registration office (@ Rs 10 per page). [ Advocate Rajasekar Mbl: +91 9164106533 /+91 9972636976 ]


Step #1: Download Form-I, Form-II, Form-III from  BESCOM Website and take a print:

Step #2. Fill the forms:

Attach1: Application Letter on an A4 Sheet

Write to BESCOM Engineer with subject: request to transfer meter.

Mention RR No (check your current bill/meter for this) and your name, address.

Attach 2: Form-I : Transfer of Electric connections form

Page 1: Mention builder name in ‘present consumer’; Mention your name in ‘Transferee’ Page 2: – page that is mentioned as ‘For official use’

[Take a photo of your electric meter using your camera ]

In the form, mention RR no, current reading ; Mention Meter Make : example: Landis Gyr +

Attach 3: Form-II: Power supply agreement Pay Rs 200 as stamp duty @ Varthur Sub registrar office Mention RR no; Fill your name, address and a witness name with signature

Attach 4: Form-III: Indemnity Bond Pay Rs 100 as stamp duty @ Varthur Sub registrar office

Form – II and Form-III are available with Electrical Contractors near BESCOM for Rs 360. Contact: Janakiraman Mbl: +91 9535550417 / +91 9901160577 / +91 9611995511

Mention RR no; Fill your name, and a witness name with signature

Step #3. Purchase a file ( costs Rs 10 at any stationery shop) and file all the documents

On the file cover, mention: RR no, Name, Address, Mobile number

Step #4. Go to BESCOM office ( @ Immadihalli )  [ office work takes approx. 1 hr ]

  • Get documents verified by BESCOM engineer;
  • Once verified, pay the application fee of Rs 100 at the cash counter
  • Attach the Rs100 receipt in the file and submit entire file back to BESCOM engineer
  • Get a Ref No for the application submitted

The next process takes 10 days as per BESCOM engineer. You will receive next bill in your name.


Total Expenses incurred were: Rs 470/-        
Form-II  Power supply agreement  Stamp Duty : Rs 200 + 40      
–    Form-III Indemnity Bond Stamp Duty : Rs 100 + 20      
BESCOM Application Fee : Rs 100      
Cardboard File : Rs 10      

If you are asked a bribe, contact BESCOM Helpline: 1912

Also, give details of the bribe incident to

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Whitefield Rising Group on Facebook

Special thanks to  Pradeep Konapoor, Nitya Ramakrishnan, Ritu George,  Sai Krishna


I could do the entire process without a bribe. You can too. Will you?

25 Sep 2014

BESCOM MeterTransfer Procedure @ Whitefield

2 thoughts on “How to transfer BESCOM meter”

  1. Vinod R says:

    I followed the above steps and I came out with NO BRIBE. I payed only Rs.730 to complete this work along with tender coconut :-). Varthur Sub Registration office work took 2 hours and Immadihalli BESCOM work took 1 hour. I feel proud for my action. I recommend everyone to do it on your own which will help to eradicate bribe with agents.

    Whitefield Rising – Well appreciated!!

  2. Austin Tauro says:

    The Indemnity and Power supply agreement has to be stamped for 200/- each. Total cost 440/-. Varthur registration office has moved to Marathahalli. I got it done from KR Puram. Remaining process is the same.