Guidance on WHO to Vote for

What is Whitefield Rising’s guidance on WHO to Vote for?

Party NOT a good criteria when voting for MLA. That’s for Lok Sabha. MLA abilities are much more important for local issues to be resolved. If you have a poor candidate from your favorite party, well you will be left with a poor state of affairs. A good candidate can do a lot with or without any party support as the role of MLA is well empowered.

Review each candidate carefully. But if none satisfy your need, you may vote NOTA with the recognition that it only registers your protest and people will know what they missed by not putting a good candidate forward.

Even if 90% of the votes are NOTA, it will NOT trigger a Re-Election. The winner amongst the 10% wins. This is a flaw with the current NOTA.
If there are many NOTAs, the next elections for Corporator that are right around the corner will see much better candidates !

AND the existing elected reps will also sit up and pull up their socks.. If WE show turnout.
Therefore, most importantly get ALL your communities and Neighbors to come out and VOTE in large numbers on MAY 12th.