Transformation and how!

Meet Christina Lifedream Skills has helped hundreds so far and we are proud they are now helping our Whitefield Youth. They believe in the ability for everyone to stand up with respect and earn a fair living and especially inspire that confidence in school dropouts. 22  such youth rose high this month. Read what Christina writes..

“Hi, I’m Christina. I’m from Whitefield(Gandhipura). I discontinued my 1st PUC. I studied in Immadahalli Govt High School.
There are 5 members in my family. My parents, 1 elder sister who is working and got married and 1 younger sister(Veronica). After leaving my college I was idle at home. Then I got the pamphlet of Life Dream Foundation and decided to join along with my younger sister. My father is a painter and my mother works in Palm Meadows as a cook. My father drinks a lot. We are unable to talk to him and he does not look after us propoerly. He fights a lot with my mom. So we sisters decided to come out of these tensions and start working. We came to class and learnt many things and now we started to work. I joined Health & Glow where my gross salary is Rs 9000 and take home will be Rs 7000 with all deductions for ESI and PF. As my sister Veronica is under age she joined Food World as a part timer.”

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