WR Covid information

July 22nd, 2020

We are in the midst of an unprecedented healthcare crisis. Through this document, we share critical and important information on all things relating to COVID-19. It should serve as a quick reference guide for everyone in Bengaluru. In addition, it should help volunteers on the ground & serve as a resource. 

Important phone numbers, processes, experiences will continue to get documented and updated here.

The document is structured in Q&A format with answers in some cases leading to links and other resources. Also, an Additional Resources section has Hospital Lists, Testing Centre details, Fever Clinics, Government Notifications and more.

To start,  here is a series of community education videos for COVID19 preparedness. Videos feature Dr. Hemant Kalyan, Manipal Hospital.

Video #1: Do not panic

Video #2: SMS

Video #3: Asymptomatic Carriers

Video #4: Early Symptoms

Video #5: Hand washing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fc20XbPXfRRoN9FhDO7_28kdGbdN5AiM/view?usp=drivesdk

Video #6: How to use a Pulse Oximeter

Video #7: What to do if COVID19 positive

Critical First Response Phone Numbers

108 – Any Emergency including suspicion of COVID, breathlessness 

104, 080-46848600, 080-66692000 – COVID Helpline

14410 – Apthamitra helpline – seek guidance in case of fever, cough, etc

1912 – Call centre to redress Grievances on denial of beds 

99017 50539 – Nodal officer – Health Officer: Dr Surendra for Hagadur Ward

My Questions Answered

This section provides a list of commonly asked questions from people experiencing the pandemic in different ways. These are questions that people have actually asked for which we researched answers and shared them here for the benefit of the rest of us. If you have an unanswered question please write to hello@whitefieldrising.org 


What are some of the key symptoms of COVID 19? 

  • Dry Cough
  • Itchy Throat
  • Feeling of being Breathless
  • Extreme fatigue and/or Body ache 
  • Fever
  • Loss of Smell
  • Loss of Taste
  • Loss of Appetite

Any of these symptoms could be an indicator of Corona. You will need to continue to monitor yourself carefully and if any of these intensify, you will need to immediately call 104/14410 for help.

Also remember, many of us can also be completely asymptomatic or without any symptoms. However, if you have had any exposure to external people, large (> 10 people) or small gatherings (3-10 people), been in air-conditioned setting, hospital set-ups or any closed door meetings, please still keep yourself in isolation from any vulnerable folks. You could be a carrier.


If I experience any symptoms, should I self-isolate? 

Absolutely. If you experience any of the symptoms under this question, please consider yourself as an at-risk candidate and self- isolate immediately. Also please inform authorities via 14410 or 104. 

You can get a tele-consultation via the Apthamithra Helpline at 14410. This is available 8 am – 8 pm.

Along with self-isolation, also recall & make a list of all the people you may have come in close contact with, in the past 2-4 days. They could be at risk. It would be the best thing possible if you can intimate them to also watch out for symptoms

What should I do for self-isolation at Home Quarantine?

  • Stay in a well ventilated room preferably with an attached, separate toilet & bath facility that no others use. 
  • If at all another family member needs to stay with you, ensure 1 metre distance from them at all times
  • Wash hands often and thoroughly for at least 25 seconds with soap & water or an alcohol based hand sanitiser
  • Restrict all your movements within the 1 room as far as possible
  • If you have tested COVID +ve you must wear a surgical mask at all times. Your mask should be changed every 6-8 hours and disposed of. They can never be reused. It is a potentially infected mask, so please make sure you wrap it yourself in a newspaper and put it in a yellow bag.
  • During your HQ, if you start seeing any symptoms such as 
    • Cough
    • Fever
    • Breathlessness
    • Loss of appetite
    • Loss of smell
    • Loss of taste
    • Severe Body Ache

Immediately call the 104 helpline and report this information.

If you live in a community, please intimate concerned persons within your apartment/community COVID Task Force or Association members & keep them informed

What should I not be doing

  • Do not go close to elderly people, pregnant women, children and anyone with comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma or any other serious illness. No visitors allowed please.
  • Do Not Attend allowed to attend any social or religious events such as weddings, condolence events. 
  • Do Not step out of your room for any reason apart from a medical emergency
  • Do not share any personal items with anyone – towels, clothes. Pack your bag and preferably use only clothes from a packed bag to limit any spread
  • Do not share any house-hold items such as spoons, plates, water glasses, cups or utensils. 
  • If someone is providing you meals, then make sure you wash the dishes once before leaving it in front of your door. 

Can I have any care-givers with me during my Home Quarantine?

Yes you can, however, please ensure they follow these instructions strictly

  • Only one assigned family member can be tasked with taking care of the HQ person. Please make sure you are well and preferably do not suffer from any comorbidities
  • Avoid shaking used linen or getting it to directly come in contact with skin
  • Use disposable gloves when cleaning surfaces or handling used linen
  • Wash hands thoroughly after removing your disposable gloves
  • Visitors should not be allowed
  • In case you develop symptoms during HQ, all other close contacts will need to be Home Quarantined. The same process needs to be followed for the next 14 days or until the lab report comes out negative

My neighbour is home isolating. What should I do?

How to manage waste generated by Covid +ve person


How should I dispose of my Masks, Gloves, Tissues? (Environmental Sanitation)

  • Clean & disinfect surfaces regularly in the quarantined person’s room.
  • Bed frames, table tops, door knobs, with 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution
  • Clean & disinfect toilet surfaces daily with regular household bleach solutions/phenolic solutions/disinfectants
  • Clean the clothes used by the HQ person separately. Use regular detergent and dry

Hospital Home Quarantine packages


Manipal Hospital


COVID Self-Triage Process

Refer to this flow chart for self-triaging yourself or a loved one.

Citizen Matters https://bengaluru.citizenmatters.in/what-to-do-if-you-test-positive-for-covid-bengaluru-guide-symptoms-testing-isolation-treatment-47597

I recently travelled, should I self-quarantine?

Yes, it is in fact mandated by law for anyone who has had inter-state travel to completely self-quarantine for 14 days. During that time, if you experience any symptoms of COVID, then, please ensure you immediately call 14410 or 104 to have a quick consultation.

If you are in HQ because you are a primary contact of a COVID+ve, then it would be critical to also get yourself tested. Please read & review the information under Testing 

I live alone, can I step out to buy essentials wearing a mask? 

  • Stepping out to buy essentials will be in complete violation of your Home Quarantine protocol.
  • Please request a friend, relative or a neighbour to pick up for you. 
  • Ensure they leave it at your door-step with no contact whatsoever

Can I have my friends/family over for a movie/coffee/catch-up at home?

Absolutely not. Even if you are asymptomatic, please refrain from meeting or participating in any type of social gathering. Please use technology to stay in touch with loved ones, family and friends. 


Where should I go to get tested? 

You will need to visit a Govt Testing Lab or  Private Testing lab. Some labs also offer Home Sample Collections. Do check the Additional Resources section for that.

I am worried I have Corona. How do I get myself tested?

If you can pay, first call the list of private testing centers and see which ones offer home-based testing. This list is dynamic, so it’s best to check the website (https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/page/Testing+Centers/en) which gives the current list.

I cannot afford to pay. Can I still get tested?

Yes of course. All govt test centres are free. But you will need a prescription. So go to a fever clinic. All govt fever clinics are free. 

https://karunadu.karnataka.gov.in/hfw/kannada/nCovDocs/Fever-Clinics(17-06-2020).pdf gives list of all fever clinics in Karnataka. Look for those in Bangalore Urban / Rural as the case may be. Both private and government ones are listed. Last column tells you. 

Also refer to the List of Test Centres section in this document

Is it safe to go somewhere to get tested? 

Not really, but it needs to be done with a lot of precautions.

If the person getting tested is indeed infected, then she/he risks spreading the infection. If the person getting tested is not infected, she/he risks getting infected by others at the fever clinic. Therefore all precautions have to be taken. Wear gloves and a mask at all times. Maintain 6 feet distance from anyone else. After coming back home from the fever clinic, go straight to the bathroom, shower and soak all clothes in soap water. It is mandatory to self-isolate till the test results are out..

Follow the Home Quarantine guidelines laid out earlier in this document

How do I locate my closest Fever Clinic? 

Unfortunately these are not geo-tagged as of now. But almost all wards have a Public health clinic. Most of which are now fever clinics. Please look at the list of fever clinics and figure out the closest one. If you can pay, you can go to any private hospital. They will triage you and send you to the right place.

Here is a link to the list of Fever Clinics in Bangalore


How does a Test Report from Fever Clinic look like?

A sample report is pasted below. It would have the words Positive or Negative to indicate the test results

Stepping Out-Logistics

I am unable to reach an AMBULANCE – How can i get help?

Reach out to your Nodal Officer. If that doesn’t work, go all the way up to Jt Commissioner

List of Health Inspectors & Officers

I have mild symptoms and need to go to a hospital. Can I self-drive?

If you have mild symptoms you don’t need a hospital. If you need isolation, go to a CCC, not the hospital. Please call 14410 (Apthamithra) to intimate them. They also offer tele-consultations with doctors who will then advise you what you need to do.

Check the list of Bangalore Covid Care Centres here

Can I call a cab if I don’t have transport?

Call 14410. take their advice. there is no Govt order that addresses this. In any case if you are sick enough that you cannot be by yourself, you need to get to a hospital.

Alternately here is a list of Ambulance Services you will need to call and avail.

Things I need

Where can I source PPEs from?

  • Minimum for triage area should be 50-60 GSM. But since attender will be in contact with COVID positive, recommendation is 80 GSM
  • Most original PPE manufacturing units will have accreditation letters from government bodies like NABL etc

What are the things I need to be prepared with?

Pulse Oximeter

  • Oximeter reading is one of the methods to check if your body is properly oxygenating or not
  • If the reading shows below 94% it’s dangerously low levels of oxygen in your blood…
  • A community can invest in a few Oximeters, but they have to be sterilised very carefully if multiple people are using it.
  • If you can afford it, please keep one handy for you & your family.

Where can I source Pulse Oximeter from? Which are good reliable brands?

Accu Sure Oximeter from local pharmacy or Amazon

Will I need an Oxygen Concentrator?

90% of COVID 19 Cases do not need Oxygen treatment or ventilation of any kind. The symptoms will be mild and recovery should happen in a few days time.

However in some cases, extreme breathlessness also means a patient may need to be supported with oxygen therapy. In such cases, an Oxygen concentrator helps in easing the symptoms significantly.

How can I procure an Oxygen Concentrator?

(This section is currently under research)

If you are facing shortness of breath, please get to a hospital. Inform 14410 immediately. Call 108.


How can I locate the closest COVID hospital closest to my location?

14410/104/108 or refer to the list (keep it handy)14410/104/108 or refer to the list of dedicated COVID Hospitals. Please refer to this section on the List of Hospitals

What do I do if hospitals say they do not have beds? Is there a help-line?

Please call 1912 (Grievance helpline for Beds) in case any hospital is denying you beds.

This link also provides real-time availability of beds across Bangalore. Do check this out as well.


Where can I get information on bed availability?

This link was recently launched to provide real-time bed availability in Bangalore. Currently this link does not load and we are trying to escalate this with the Govt teams. https://apps.bbmpgov.in/covidbedstatus/

I have never been to a Govt Hospital. How will I know about the care?

This section is under research.

We are yet to come across consistent first-hand feedback. Once we do that we will make the details public

I am breathless, can I get admission to a Hospital?

Yes. Need to immediately Call 108 – to get the BBMP ambulance to shift to the treatment facility (DCHC or DCH).  Parallely, call BBMP ward officer and inform nodal officer – Dr Sudhakar for Hagadur.

While waiting for the BBMP 108 ambulance (which may take 2-3 hours) to arrive,

  • The resident can do teleconsultation with a known hospital doctor/in-house doctor of the community, to understand the severity of his medical condition.
  • With a finger-tip pulse oximeter, check O2 level if it is >94 and having mild breathlessness, still ok.
  • If facility available, As per inhouse doctor advice, community Covid Care team can provide oxygen support at the villa or in the centralised locality of the community. The inhouse doctor may help to check  the vitals – BP, pulse, O2 saturation level. With O2 support, it will help the patient to stabilise O2 saturation level >94;
  • Community Covid Care team to assist to find nearby private DCH, as the resident wish to;

(refer to http://arogya.karnataka.gov.in/sast/fms/view.php) and


If O2 level <=94 and if the resident able to figure out the available bed in private DCH,

  1. i) inform nodal officer Dr Sudhakar and arrange a private ambulance or private vehicle with all precautions (as the patient can be +ve Covid), visit to that DCH and get admitted <<pls review – if this is ok>>;


ii)as soon as 108 ambulance arrives, based on the bed availability, BBMP will take the patient to the available govt DCH or private DCH (as chosen by patient) ;

The patient is admitted in the isolation ward of the DCH; The covid test is done and if it turns to be positive, the patient will be moved to the Covid ward. If it is negative, the patient will be moved to a normal ward and appropriate treatment is done respectively.

If the bed is not available in both govt & private DCH, call 1912 – to complaint for denial of bed;

Keep the escalation ready for Joint Commissioner BBMP Mahadevapura, Mr. Venkatachalapathy 95133 22144;

I have COVID symptoms, can I get admitted to a hospital?

No, unless the symptoms are severe like breathlessness, as in the above case.

For mild symptoms

a)First thing is to get tele-consultation with the doctor or physical visit @ Fever Clinics and based on doctors recommendation, get the Covid test done @Testing Centres;

The resident needs to be self isolated in a separate room with an attached toilet, till the results come.

  1. b) Searching for suitable private CCC hotel (mgd by DCH) or private Dedicated Covid Hospital (DCH)

While waiting for the report, try to check for bed availability & understand waiting times to get  an idea about the positions of the nearby hospitals. e.g. Columbia Asia (Varthur), Sakra, ColumbiaAsia (Sarjapur), Vydehi etc. and if possible, try to wait list.

Covid test +ve

Call BBMP officer proactively inform the full address & Google location through whatsapp: & must inform Nodal officer: Dr Surendra 99017 50539/9801750539 and also convey interest in shortlisted private DCH where bed is available.

The BBMP team gets the list of COVID -positive patients from ICMR portal on real time basis & calls the resident to ascertain correct address & location. This process is not well established yet. Hence, it is recommended to proactively call BBMP.

A vehicle is sent to the residence with the health team/paramedics to ascertain the medical condition (chargeable). The doctor/paramedics will evaluate & recommend home isolation (HI) if found eligible or shift to the necessary treatment facility (govt Covid Care Centre (CCC), private hotels (managed by private hospitals), Dedicated Covid Health Centre(DCHC) or govt/pvt Dedicated Covid Hospital(DCH)).

  1. a) If BBMP Paramedics recommend home isolation, BBMP may not allow for govt. DCH treatment. Instead, they may allow for private CCCs (managed by hospital) or private DCH & may provide BBMP ambulance for shifting there. otherwise, you would need to arrange a private ambulance.
  2. b) If BBMP Paramedics do not recommend home isolation, BBMP will give the choice of govt DCH or private CCC or DCH as per bed availability. The residents have to choose from the list of PVT hospitals they offer at that time, else BBMP will be admitting them into Govt. hospitals. If anyone goes directly, it will not be possible to get admission to private DCH without approval of Nodal officer (Dr Sudhakar).

Covid test -ve

Get the medical treatment by tele-consultation of the physician and be at home or get admitted to a normal ward, on your own, to a nearby hospital.

I have given my sample for testing for COVID, can I get admission to a hospital?

Yes, only for severe symptoms like breathlessness, whether the report comes positive or negative, and whether the report has come or not, one can get admission to a hospital

While waiting for the results, the resident needs to self-isolate in a separate room with an attached toilet, till the results come. Based on the result, please follow the above process.

I am quarantining in a CCC, how should I know when I need to be shifted to a hospital?

The doctor will be regularly checking the quarantined patients in CCC;  Only if the symptoms become severe like difficulty in breathing, O2 level <=94% , persistent fever >=38, etc – as guidelines set by Govt Circular, the doctor will then recommend to shift the patient to a govt/private Covid hospital.  BBMP will then provide the choice of govt/private DCH, based on the bed availability and the patient can choose accordingly based on the treatment costs, etc.  The transport arrangement is taken care by BBMP ambulance from CCC to Covid hospital.

How can I care for my elderly parents when I am in CCC/Hospital?

Option 1 – If you live in a gated community &  your parents can manage their own day to day activities & do not have any pressing medical needs, you can arrange for neighbours/friends to provide them meals & check on them. You too can keep tabs on them through video calls. Please make sure your parents are OK with this.

Option 2 – Your parents can be shifted to a friend/relative’s home during this time. But for this, they need to also be tested for COVID and ensure they are Negative. They will need to maintain Social Distancing as well with the host family.

Option 3 – Engage a private nursing service like Nightingales that can provide an in house nurse to stay with your dependent parents while you are away.

What options do I have to take care of my small children when I am in a CCC/Hospital?

If you are already tested +ve, then it is highly likely that your children will also need to be tested. Depending upon their Test Results, if they are also +ve, please ensure they go with you. In some cases, it is best for the family to stay together through the quarantine period.

Alternately, if they test negative or are awaiting test results, you will need to leave them with a trusted friend/relative to care for your children during this time. They will need to be isolated as much as possible. Please stay in touch with them via technology.

How can I care for my pet when I am in CCC/Hospital?

If you are COVID +ve and have been advised Institutional Quarantine or have to be in the Hospital, one option is to leave them with a friend or relative.

If you have friends/relatives that can take care of your pet dog or cat during the time, that would also work. But they will need to be protected during pet-pickup & immediately after, ensure all of the pet’s belongings are sanitized.

A pet boarding facility is an alternative. This article from Bangalore Mirror provides a list of possible places


  1. Blackys BnB
  2. Stay Boarding
  3. Wagville
  4. Pillus Pet Paradise
  5. Share Habitat
  6. Riva’s Vacation Home

How can I make use of Govt Hospitals Schemes? (I work as a domestic help/driver/street vendor/tea stall owner/flower vendor/security guard)

Everyone in need is automatically covered by Ayushman Bharat Yojna https://pmjay.gov.in/. – ABARK.

It is the Govt’s need-based health care service. All are automatically enrolled in the ABARK program(Ayushman Bharat scheme). All the empanelled hospitals have one person of the SAST – Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust – nodal agency (govt medical insurance company).

Ensure you have a working mobile

Step 1 – Try Apthamithra first – 14410

Step 2 – Next try 108 – For Ambulance

Step 3 – Go to an empanelled hospital & contact the SAST contact person. Ask for them specifically

Step 4 –  Call 1912 for any complaints

Step 5 – Finally Call local Health Officer – up to the JC

If all of the above fails Call the police 100

BU Number is not necessary- SRF id that must be with them is enough.

Each empanelled hospital should have the SAST contact number.

So please go to the hospital and ask for the SAST Co-ordinator number

Who are SAST Co-ordinators?

Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust is a govt medical insurance company, which  empanels hospitals and fixes rates and determines eligibility and authorizes for treatment. So anyone that needs treatment at Govt Hospital can contact the SAST Co-ordinator and help them get the necessary insurance.

These are verified SAST co-ordinator numbers for the Bangalore Division. Here is the full list of SAST coordinators. Below are the ones that definitely work.

Name Area Mobile Email
Nayaz Ulla Khan Chikkaballapura 7259003328 sastcoordinatorchikkaballapur@gmail.com
Basavarajappa Tumkur 7349254649 sastcoordinatortumkur@gmail.com
Devaraj Bangalore 7619649238 yeshasvinibangalore3@gmail.com
K G Prakash Shimoga 7259003386 sastcoordinatorshimoga@gmail.com

Can a hospital refuse my admission on suspicion of COVID19?

No, hospitals cannot refuse to admit patients under any circumstances.

Dial 1912 to immediately report such denials. Refer to the GO in the link below.

If nothing works, call 100.


I am pregnant and tested COVID+ve, can a hospital refuse to admit me?

No. Hospitals cannot refuse you admission under any pretext. The GO below ensures that cannot be the case. Among the Govt Hospitals, Vani Vilas Hospital is dedicated for moms that are ready to deliver and also COVID+ve. They are open 24X7

Victoria Hospital Compound, Sultan Rd, Kalasipalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002

Phone – 080 2670 2487


I have tested COVID+ve, can a hospital refuse me admission?

No, they cannot. If they do call 1912 and report them. Please read the order below

The Govt of Karnataka has issued a circular on the protocol to be followed by private hospitals & 108 Ambulance service while shifting & treating Covid. Hospitals cannot refuse to treat or admit suspected Covid patients. The 108 Ambulance service also has been asked to shift all positive patients to CCC’s including those who are yet to be assigned a patient number. If they require further treatment, 108 will have to shift these patients to designated hospitals. The patient numbers can be generated by BBMP later also. ಆಸ್ಪತ್ರೆಗಳು ಕೊರೋನಾ ಶಂಕಿತ ರೋಗಿಗಳನ್ನು ದಾಖಲಿಸಿಕೊಳ್ಳದಿರುವುದು ಮತ್ತು ಚಿಕಿತ್ಸೆ ನಿರಾಕರಿಸುವಂತಿಲ್ಲ. ಗಂಟಲ ದ್ರವವನ್ನು ಪ�


Please note this order covers a patient whether they are COVID+ve or not.

Mental Health during the Pandemic

I feel lonely & isolated due to the pandemic, who can help?

Yes Govt of Karnataka has a helpline launched a Counselling Helpline at 104 → press 4 for Tele-counselling.


Guidance for Patient, Family, Neighbours & RWA

Team (Patient, Family, Neighbours & RWA) Approach to COVID

With the passage of time and cumulative learnings across countries, it is very evident that COVID pandemic will be with us for some more time. The precautions to avoid contracting and spreading the disease are well known and being practised by all responsible individuals. But the fact remains that despite taking all the precautions any one of us can/may still get infected.

In case if one suspects/or gets infected, there is no need to panic. Due to the nature of the disease (needing isolation/quarantine), it is important to inform & work together with other stakeholders like family members, neighbours & RWA. It is a disease that cannot be fought individually, but by working together as a team, we can overcome it better.

Remember very few cases become serious needing hospitalization. Most cases can be treated & recovered at home. This note outlines the roles & responsibilities of each member of the team.

If you suspect that you are having COVID and are going for a test, immediately inform :-

  1. a) Family members, so that they can
  • Provide support as also start self-isolation /quarantine (awaiting results) and plan for the eventuality that you may test positive
  • Setting up a self- quarantine room (if possible, at home or at community level)
  • List the possible contacts that need to be alerted so that they are on lookout for COVID symptoms
  • Make arrangements for day to day needs (food groceries etc), sanitisation of the house, taking care of pets etc
  1. b) RWA or building supervisor or the designated COVID Coordinator-So that they can inform the neighbours & other residents to take precautions, sanitise the floor and rally the support needed for you & family. Awaiting the results & in the eventuality that the tests comes positive, neighbours & RWA will be a big support towards
  • Sanitising the home & setting up the self- quarantine facility at home (sourcing equipment, paramedics etc)
  • ensuring that the day to day needs of the family in self quarantine are met while taking all precautions
  • Pets if any can be taken over by neighbours
  • Especially RWA will be a great help in coordinating with BBMP/hospitals in case the need arises
  1. c) Your workplace manager & colleagues
  • In case if they have been in close contact with you, they too can be alerted about  the COVID symptoms & if need be, undergo testing.
  • In case you have been working at the office space, Manager can take a call to sanitize the workplace
  • More importantly, they too can be a source of support & help to you & family.

In short, fighting COVID on your own is tough & scary but informing others and taking their help not only helps you, but equally important helps protect others too from unnecessary risk.

This article in Bangalore Mirror provides a list of Do-s & Don’t along with very precise instructions.


Additional Lists & Resources

List of Fever Clinics

When you see any symptom of COVID, including fever, breathlessness (SARI), bodyache, headache (ILI- Flu like Symptoms), you may want to approach a “Fever Clinic” and immediately get yourself checked-out.


If you are in Whitefield, here is a quick reference for Private Fever Clinics

Private Fever Clinics

Hospital/Clinic Name Ph Number Landline Timings POC
Columbia Asia 9739217854 91 80 6165 6666 / 91 80 3313 0333 Walkins taken 10am-3pm Mon-Sat, std consultation charges Ms Harshita
Brookefield Hospital 8880910000 10 Am – 5 PM – Mon-Sat
Sakra Hospital 08049694969 10 AM – 4 PM – Free Consultation
RxDx Whitefield 08049261111


Manipal Whitefield

Govt Fever Clinics


This document contains the list of Govt & Private Fever Clinics with Address & Contact Points


Mahadevapura Fever Clinics please change the serial #s here?

1 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC YAMALURU Primary Health Center, Yamaluru

Yamalu Post


Dr.Chandrashekaraiah A.S. (I/C) 9448332195
2 MAHADEVAPURA PHC DODDAKANNAHAL Primary Health Center, Doddakannahalli Sarjapura Road Carmelram Post

Bangalure 35

Dr. SUDHAKAR 9880188403
3 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC A NARAYANPURA 2nd cross, Andhra Colony, KR Puram Railway

Station A Narayanapura

Dr.Indushree(CONTRACT) 9731857700

Nagar, Blore- 560016

Dr. Ravikumar(CONTRACT) 9567942401
5 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC VIJINAPURA Vijinapura UPHCNo 36/1 2main 5th Cross Subramanya layout Vijinapura Ramamurthy

nagar Bangalore 560016

Dr.Prabhu k(CONTRACT) 7406350314
6 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC HAGADURU Hagadur Uphc BNS Narashimamurthy bulding white Field(p) Immadihalli main

road bangalore-560066

7 MAHADEVAPURA PHC GARUDACHARPALY UPHC Garudachar palya goshale road Near DR

sreenidi bekary Garudachar palya

8 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC VARTHUR Primary Health Center, Varthuru Varthuru Post Varthuru main Road

Bangalore 87

Dr.NAGESH (I/C) 8277515642
9 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC KADUGODI Primary Health Center, Kadugodi Whit Filed Road

Bangalore 67

Dr Kantharaju 9480448171

K. Narayanapura Bagalur Road Kottanur Post

Bangalore 77

Dr. SHIVA KUMAR 9620102608
11 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC DODDANEKUNDI Primary Health Center, Doddnekundi marathalli Post

Bangalore 37

Dr.Prameela 9538859285
12 MAHADEVAPURA UPHC GUNJURU Primary Health Center, Gunjuru Varthuru Hobali Gunjuru Post


Dr. Nagesh 8277515642

SL NO District Zone Facility Name Address Name of the Doctors


Dr. Praveena


Dr. V. Lalitha
3 BBMP WEST SRIRAMPURAM 5th cross, 9th main near saibabchoultry, saibabanagar,


Dr. Pooja

Cambridge Road, Near Police Station, Ulsoor, Bangalore – 560008.

Dr. Sindhu
5 BBMP SOUTH H SIDHHAIAH ROAD R H Next to Lions Eye Hospital, Off J C Road, H Siddaiah Road, Bangalore-


Dr. Ashok
6 BBMP SOUTH BANASANKARI RH Banashankari RH, 27th cross, 17th Main, BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore-



List of hospitals and IAS/IPS officers who have been made incharge of the hospitals in Bengaluru


List of Health Inspectors/Ward Level Contacts

These are the direct numbers of the BBMP First Response Team for a COVID+ve/Suspected COVID +ve to reach out to.

Ward Name Phone
Hagadur – 84 Prakash 9980598868
Doddanekundi Devaraj 94483 30446
Doddanekundi Raghu 9741424647
Marathalli Mehaboob 9108925445 /9731122375
Garudacharpalya Srinivasulu 9480683685
Kadugodi Akkama 8971797086
Bellandur  Mahesh 9902347688
Varthur Srinivasappa 9739661331
Hoodi Nagaraj 9060913721
  1. Nodal officer for Mahadevapura: Dr Surendra 99017 50539
  2. PHC Doddanekundi: Dr. Pramila 9538859285
  3. Joint Commissioner BBMP Mahadevapura Mr. Venkatachalapathy 95133 22144

List of Ambulance Services


Private Ambulances

Ambulance Contact Number
Yeshaswini Ambulance 9845083398
Yeshaswini Ambulance 9606308387
Vishwannadh Ambulance 9845734411
Chaithanya Ambulance 9152546287
Shabreesha Ambulance 9152129830
Vijayshree Ambulance 8095976797
Pooja Ambulance 9663632339
Yeshaswini Ambulance 9741555508
Balaji Ambulance 9152473696
Nagaraju Ambulance 9972928241
Suresh Ambulance 9380676231

BBMP Ambulances

These are ambulances attached to BBMP. So the rates are fixed accordingly.

Name Mobile Vehicle Number
  Deekshith    9611858208   KA03C2908
  Chandru    8546850551   KA51B8479
  Krishnamurthi    8970063325   KA06G0582
  Rajesh    9900498894   KA5AE2457
  Kiran    8197273188   KA02AC6607
  Shivaswamy    7259376968   KA51D0816
  Srinivas    9110694268   KA138169
  Yogesh    9972938595   KA05AG4499
  Prakash    8550015995   KA41B4199
  Nandish    9632887999   KA53B9704
  Guru    6360645065   KA50A6525
  Venugopal    9535017144   KA05AB1913
  Hemanta    8867220156   KA17B2474
  Ramu    9972477605   KA025080
  Suresh    9945236901   KA02D8719
  Pavan    9986611834   KA51D0816

Home Sample Collection for Testing

Some labs/hospitals have started providing home sample collections. Likely these facilities process the tests through one of the authorized labs listed in the List of Testing Labs section.

Facility Name POC Phone
Appollo, Kundalahalli Ranjit 9844248405

List of Testing Labs – Bengaluru

Testing for COVID is done across multiple labs in Bengaluru. However, a patient needs to be first referred for testing by a Hospital or a Fever Clinic.

Facility Name Phone Number Email Comments
Columbia Asia(Varthur) 9739217854/ 80 6165 6666 / +91 80 3313 0333 Ms Harshita
Vydehi lab 80-28412956
Sakra Hospital Lab 080 49694969 covid.lab@sakraworldhospital.com
Apollo Kundanahalli


9844248405 Ranjit
SRL Diagnostics Center


Sanjay – 9743974317

Tulsiram – 8686746398

CareOnCall agency 9916915165/ 9916925165 cost Rs. 5500 (TAT- 1 week )
Medgenome Labs/Xycton Diagnostics 1800 103 3691 (TAT-24 to 48 hrs)
NIV, Bengaluru nivbureports@gmail.com


VRDL, Bengaluru vrdlmmcri@gmail.com
Command Hospital, Bengaluru chafbangalorecovid19reports@gmail.com
NIMHANS Lab, Bengaluru virologynimhans@gmail.com
NCBS, Bengaluru covidtesting@ncbs.res.in
Kidwai, Benagaluru (KMIO) br.vijaykumar@rediffmail.com


Anand Lab neuberganandcovidreports@neuberganand.com
Syngene Lab anil.dr@syngeneintl.com


Narayana Hrudayalaya (Bommasandra) nhlnarayanacovidreports@gmail.com
Aster Clinical Lab asterlabs.covid19@gmail.com
Hybrinomics Lab covid@hybrinomics.com


List of COVID Care Centres

Facility Name Dedicated/Isolation Public/Private # of Beds Phone Number
CV Raman GH Public
GH Jayanagar Public
KC GH Public
ED Hospital Public Dr Asha, 9845228839
ESI Indira Nagar Public
ESI Rajaji Nagar Public
ESI Peenya Public
Command Hospital Public
KR Puram GH Public
Yelahanka GH Public
Anekal GH Public
Nelamangala GH Public
Doddaballapur GH Public
Hosakote GH Public
Leprosy Hospital, Magadi Road Public
Devanahalli GH Public

List of BBMP/Govt Hospitals

Designated Covid-19 Hospitals – COVID-19 INFORMATION PORTAL

Hospital Name Dedicated/Isolation Public/Private # of Beds Phone Number
Bowring Dedicated Public 260 9036304558
RajaRajeshwari Medical College (Kengeri) Dedicated Public 800 080-28437444
Victoria Dedicated Public 900 080-26701150
Command Hospital
HAL Hospital


List of All Private Hospitals

(50% beds for Covid19) with nodal officer details:  https://twitter.com/iaspankajpandey/status/1278914891080859649/photo/2

Hospitals for Delivery: Vanivilas, Wilson Garden Maternity Hospital https://twitter.com/iaspankajpandey/status/1280848440340013056/photo/1

List of SAST Coordinators for ABARK Insurance Schemes

Here are the numbers for all the Suvarna Aroghya Suraksha Trust (SAST). SAST coordinators help with getting Insurance arrangements at Hospitals for patients. They are the first POCs for patient families.

Bangalore division

Name Area Mobile Email
Umesh Bangalore 7760999125 sastcoordinatorbangalore1@gmail.com
Kolar 7349254651 sastcoordinatorkolar@gmail.com
Nayaz Ulla Khan


Chikkaballapura 7259003382 sastcoordinatorchikkaballapur@gmail.com
 G P Yateesh Chitradurga 7259003339 sastcoordinatorchitradurga@gmail.com
 Basavarajappa H


Tumkur 7349254649 sastcoordinatortumkur@gmail.com
 Mohan M M Davanagere 7259003338 sastcoordinatordavanagere@gmail.com
K G Prakash


Shimoga 7259003386 sastcoordinatorshimoga@gmail.com
Prasad K T Ramanagar 7259003385 sastcoordinatorramanagar@gmail.com
Harish Shivamogga 7619649362 harishmittige@gmail.com
Lokesh Tumkur 7619649370 lokims999@gmail.com
D Shashidhar Tumkur (North) & Chitradurga 7619649372 yeshasvinichitradurga@gmail.com
Venkob Rao Bangalore 76196649170 vnrao1987@gmail.com
Nanjundaswamy Bangalore 7619649235 spoorthi.shree@yahoo.in


Bangalore 7259037898
Matapathi Bangalore 7619649238 yeshasvinibangalore3@gmail.com
Zabiulla Shariff Chikkaballapura 7619649271 zabimhs@gmail.com
Manjunath Davangere 7619649284 yeshasvinidavanagere@gmail.com

Mysore division

  1. Tejas D C    Kodagu    7259003403    sastcoordinatorkodagu@gmail.com
  2. Madegowda B K & Niranjan Prasad    Mandya    7259008395    sastcoordinatormandya@gmail.com
  3. Jagannath    Mangalore    7259003406    sastcoordinatormangalore@gmail.com
  4. Pavan Kumar    Hassan    7259003404    sastcoordinatorhassan@gmail.com
  5. Diwakar R    Mysore    7259003400    sastcoordinatormysore@gmail.com
  6. Puttegowda M    Chamarajnagar    7259003402    sastcoordinatorchamarajanagar@gmail.com
  7. Kumar P    Chikkamagalore    7259003405    sastcoordinatorchikkamagalur@gmail.com
  8. Satchidananda M L    Udupi    7259003407    sastcoordinatorudupi@gmail.com
  9. Kalmurudesh R    Chikamaaluru    7619649267    kalmarudeshar@gmail.com
  10. Shrikanth T    Dakshina Kannada    7619649273    shrika0088@gmail.com
  11. Vikram K C    Hassan+Kodagu    7619649340    yeshasvinichamarajnagar@gmail.com
  12. Kumar G    Mysore    7619649341    yeshasviniudupi@gmail.com
  13. Santhosh G P    Mysore(west) & Chamarajnagr    7619649346    yeshasvinichamarajnagar@gmail.com
  14. Dixith Sarvotham    Udupi    7619649373    yeshasviniudupi@gmail.com

Gulbarga division

  1. Nabisab Hasimsab Hadimani    Koppal    7760999110    sastcoordinatorgulbarga@gmail.com
  2. Honnur Sab P    Bellary    7760999113    sastcoordinatorbellary@gmail.com
  3. Nandkumar T    Bidar    7760999094    sastcoordinatorbidar@gmail.com
  4. Beemanagouda Kamgoud    Kalaburgi    8861005600    sastcoordinatorchikkodi@gmail.com
  5. Srinivas Rao pamnoor    Raichur    7760999112    sastcoordinatorraichur@gmail.com
  6. Sharana basappa kesarabavi    Yadgir    7760999216    sastcoordinatoryadgiri@gmail.com
  7. Prashanth Soppanna    Bidar    7619649264    soppanna.007@gmail.com
  8. Praveen Kumar    Raichuru    7619649356    spatilpraveen@gmail.com
  9. Maallikarjun C    Yadagiri    7619649376    yeshasvinigulbarga@gmail.com
  10. Mahantesh R Eliger    Bellary+Koppal    7619649168    m.r.eliger@gmail.com

Belgaum Division

  1. Sangamesh biradar    Bagalkote    8861005506    sastcoordinatorbagalkote@gmail.com
  2. Bhasheer Ahmad G Makandar    Belgaum    8861005500    sastcoordinatorbelgaum@gmail.com
  3. Abdul Jabbar A Bepari    Miraj    8861005519    sastcoordinatormiraj@gmail.com
  4. Sanjaya S Patil    Chikkodi    7760999114    sastcoordinatorkoppal@gmail.com
  5. Mahadev Nilangi    Bijapur    8861005505    sastcoordinatorbijapura@gmail.com
  6. Nagaraja Honnapagoudra    Dharwad    8861005503    sastcoordinatordharawad@gmail.com
  7. Irappa Rudrakshi    Haveri    8861005504    sastcoordinatorhaveri@gmail.com
  8. Pallavi D’Souza    Uttar Kannada    8861005501    sastcoordinatorukannada@gmail.com
  9. Bhujalingaswamy S G    Gadag    8861005502    sastcoordinatorgadag@gmail.com
  10. Mahesh H K    Bagalkote-1    7619649158    maheshkerakalamatti@gmail.com
  11. Nagaraj    Bagalkote-2    7619649159    yeshasvinichamarajnagar@gmail.com
  12. Shivagouda B Byalogouda    Belagavi    7619649239    yeshasvinibelgaum1@gmail.com
  13. Shankar V B    Belagavi    7619649245    yeshasvinichikkodi@gmail.com
  14. Gajendra V palankar    Uttar Kannada    7619649374    yeshasviniuttarakannada@gmail.com
  15. Pramod I Kusubi    Vijayapur    7619649375    yeshasvinibijapur@gmail.com
  16. Naveenkumar Kori    Dharwad    7619649294    yeshasvinidharwad@gmail.com
  17. Mahaboob Ali K    Gadag+Haveri    7619649306    mkkonanatambagi@yahoo.in

BBMP Disaster Management Team for COVID -19 – Hagadur Ward

Disaster Management Teams to Deal with COVID-19 Pandemic Within the Jurisdiction of the Hagadur Ward.

Overall Incharge – Srinivas (Assistant revenue officer) : +919480685197

Manjunath (Assistant executive engineer) : +919886551356


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868.
  6. Gundappa ( Nagondhalli Waterman) : 8867685770.
  7. Udaykumar helpline :7892172103.


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868
  6. Bashir (Vijaynagar Waterman) : 09880416843.
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 7892172103.


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868.
  6. Shanthashiva (Gandhipura Waterman) : +917892550682.
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 9686361159.


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868.
  6. Subbanna (Immadihalli Waterman) : +919731916483.
  7. Udaykumar helpline :7892172103.


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868.
  6. Narayan (Hagadur Waterman) : +917411802420.
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 9742839743.


  1. Bharath (Revenue Inspector) : 9740354856.
  2. Shivakumar (Family and health) : 8892398077.
  3. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  4. Mohan (Tax inspector) : 9964292277.
  5. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : 9980598868.
  6. Babu : (Waterman Dhanmandi)+919108388199
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 9742839743.


  1. Harish (Revenue inspector) : 9945566575.
  2. Sudhakar (Family and health) : +919449232252.
  3. Devaki (Family and health) : 8277515629.
  4. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : +919980598868.
  5. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  6. Muniraju (Waterman Siddhapura) : 8095865509.
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 9686361159.


  1. Harish (Revenue inspector) : 9945566575.
  2. Sudhakar (Family and health) : +919449232252.
  3. Devaki (Family and health) : 8277515629.
  4. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : +919980598868.
  5. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  6. Sanjeev (Waterman Ramagondanahalli) : +919342552311.
  7. Udaykumar helpline : 9686361159.


  1. Harish (Revenue inspector) : 9945566575.
  2. Sudhakar (Family and health) : +919449232252.
  3. Archana (Family and health) : 7022409724.
  4. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : +919980598868.
  5. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  6. Chandrashekar (Tax inspector) :+919591738979.
  7. Somashekar (Waterman Whitefield) : +919483699569.
  8. Udaykumar helpline : 9742839743.


  1. Harish (Revenue inspector) : 9945566575.
  2. Sudhakar (Family and health) : +919449232252.
  3. Archana (Family and health) : 7022409724.
  4. Prakash (Senior health inspector) : +919980598868.
  5. Thippeswamy (Engineering department) : +919902420075.
  6. Chandrashekar (Tax inspector) :+919591738979.
  1. Victor (Waterman Nallurahalli) : +918095646512.
  2. Udaykumar helpline : 9742839743.

Area-Wise Numbers & Contacts for COVID 19 Management

List of Honorable Ministers and Officers

Links to Important GoK Notifications

This table needs to be updated as required or atleast re-visited once every month with the latest information/SOPs

Resource Name Linked Location Dated
GOK Notification for Rates in Pvt Hospitals http://arogya.karnataka.gov.in/sast/details/HFW-228-ACS-2020.pdf June 23, 2020
GOK Notification with list of Dedicated Hospitals for Serious COVID Patients (govt hospitals) https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/Treatment%20Centres/Notification%20of%20DCHC%2020-06-2020NKRK.pdf June 20, 2020
GOK Notification on SOP for Hospital Admissions with flow diagram https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/SOP%20for%20Clinical%20Assesment%20%2019-06-2020.pdf. June 19, 2020
GOK Taskforce details & Responsibility Matrix

(First part Kannada and Second part English translation

http://bbmp.gov.in/documents/10180/20563468/corona+officers.pdf/88be2135-504f-4a7d-aba3-82fe0ae218b9 June 15, 2020
Guidelines for isolation of Covid positive patients at home https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/HFW%20242%20ACS%202020001.pdf July 4, 2020
List of Private Covid Hospitals Empaneled under SAST (which means poor patients can be referred here at AB_ArK rates). Paying patients also can go here. https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/Private%20Hospitals%20for%20Covid%2019%20with%20List%20of%20Hospitals.pdf June 20, 2020
Shifting of patients in and around Bengaluru. MOST IMP DOC. Any breathless person with or without Covid testing MUST be admitted to isolation in pvt hospitals https://covid19.karnataka.gov.in/storage/pdf-files/HFW%20244%20ACS%202020-%20CIRCULAR001.pdf July 4th, 2020.

As the President of State Working Commission and taking into consideration the Disaster Management Act 2005 under sec 69, I, signed below, use my Powers and have formed a committee/team to Manage, Control, Handle, Look into the Covid-19 Situation and to take quick actions based on the need which is coming into effect from 9th July 2020.

1) Bangalore East – Tushar Girinath (I A.S)

2) Bangalore West – Rajendra Kumar Kataria (I A.S)

3) Bommanahalli – Manivannan (I A.S)

4) Yalahanka – Naveen Raj Singh (I A.S)

5) Bangalore South – Munish Moudgil (I A.S)

6) Mahadevapura – N Manjula (I A.S)

7) Dasarahalli – P. C. Jafar (I A.S)

8) RajaRajeshwari Nagar – R. Viahal (I A.S)

As stated above, these Selected officers will oversee all the measures taken by BBMP, so on so forth… So I request you all to coordinate.

M. Vijay Bhaskar