Urban Planning. Can we consider it for Whitefield??

Meeting with officials from the Indian Institute of Human Settlement

Some members of “Whitefield Rising” held a very interesting and constructive meeting with the officials from IIHS on 12th April 2014. Nitya told them exactly what we in Whitefield Rising wanted to know regarding urban planning, with a specific focus on the development of Whitefield . All present voiced their concerns and wanted to know if IIHS could help by mapping out what Whitefield could look like in the immediate as well as long term future. IIHS, on their part, informed us about the existing hierarchy in the government agencies. They also told us that a new master plan for Bangalore was being prepared by the Karnataka government. They said that this was the time to include our vision for the development of Whitefield in this master plan, so that this could then be addressed by the relevant government agencies.

Swastik, who led the team, said he would like to partner with us as he sensed that we were a very motivated, unique and committed group of people who were keen to make a difference to the quality of life in Whitefield. The team from IIHS suggested that each of the members of the Whitefield Rising Core group pose three questions or points to them which concerned them the most. They would then take all the questions , study them and then hold another meeting with us in the first week of June. By this time they hope to draw up a plan for the development of Whitefield, taking into consideration all our points. Experts in various fields would be invited to address us. They were willing to come to Whitefield for this meeting in June or, alternatively they said they could hold the meeting at their office in Sadashiv Nagar.

So champions, start thinking and putting your thoughts down on paper and give voice to the issues that are important to you. Please send your questions to me and I will forward them to Swastik and the others at IIHS.


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