To Bee or not to Bee

To Bee or not to Bee

beesBees. Do they bring visuals of Honey, Spring, Flowers and life or do you cringe and fear its sting? Well, some of us are making some mistakes in Whitefield with Bees due to ignorance and its easy to set that right. Leave them alone. Simple as that.

We need bees.  Since ancient times, it has been known that they are essential to life. Infact, the phrase “birds and the bees” is used in the context of explaining certain facts of life to the younger ones.  So why are they disappearing and what is the implication? There are enough experts speaking very eloquently about it.  But whats essential is that we learn from this and do the right thing for our own environment.  And for now here is advise for us Whitefielders in summary.

Leave them alone


Remove the hive without hurting the bee! They will go elsewhere and build another much necessary hive.

Did you know that there is a theory if you consumed honey from a hive near you, there is a chance you can build immunity to the pollen near you? ie it is purported to bring a customized shot of antiallergen for you. Did you know that the beeswax from the hive can be amazing for you to make so many things such as lip balm, lotion or furniture polish? Takes minutes.

Be responsible. Its cool to let it be.

Man charred to death in attempt to burn beehive

Click here for Useful resources that will list names of Bee Keepers in the area that can get the hive addressed without harming the bee. But remember your first choice is to “let it be”.