This time is different

This time is different
The Damage

The Damage

Friday Dec 20th saw a motley crew of 85 in front of a Historic Spot in Whitefield. The Memorial Church.

Money, Effort, Time was a small price for the pride in the transformation. People understandably upset at what happened 5 days later. However, there is opportunity in this setback. Why did BESCOM do this when they were involved in the FIX? Where did the communication break down?What will they do now? How quickly will they have it repaired?

This time is different. Because, we wont “ACCEPT” what happened. We will follow the process and pursue this to conclusion.

BESCOM has logged an issue and we saw some work to “restore” begin. Watch this space. to see what happens.




The Memorial Church Spot Fix Team 

White Field Rising Team. 10 people
Dell. 50 people and Sponsors
The Brigade Group. 8 people and Sponsors
Brigade contractor. 5 people
BBMP. 8 people
BESCOM. 4 people


Pictures from the Fix

3 thoughts on “This time is different”

  1. varun says:

    cant wait to see the results of this social experiment…its amazing to see the energy and passion here to make a change and make a sustainable change and involve all stakeholders while doing it …. good luck with this project to all involved!

  2. sumedha says:

    What is BESCOM’s explanation? this is atrocious!!! Hours of effort and toiling …all wasted..phew!

  3. Nitya says:

    We are learning that the hardest part is finding out “Whodunit”
    BESCOM, BBMP both seem to have a play in it but turns out that the party doing the actual violation is none other than Reliance! They have been busy marking Whitefield and this is another such mark. We are pondering how one discusses this with Mr Ambani.