Snake in our midst

Snake in our midst

By now, you must be aware that you dont want to kill the snake you encounter for many reasons. Ideally, you just want to let it get on. The most primary reason is that it controls your rat population. But if thats not going to happen, then call Pradip Thaker. See below for an example of what happenned when Yamini of the famed Villa Camelot called Pradip(9986506589). Dont forget he is just a resident like you and I and volunteering to help you out.

Dont miss seeing whats behind Spurti in this picture below


Stunning backdropYamini writes

Thank you Pradip and Spurti for showing compassion !

While most people will be moved by a kitten or a puppy in distress , few would be moved by a snake in need for help … Hmmm ,few but for Pradip and his dedicated team of volunteers .

This morning saw us trying to get a cobra to survive the wrath of human invasion in their habitat .

The call to pradip was life changing … How many of us would drop everything to drive down from Domlur to whitefield in peak time traffic to rescue a snake which had zero chances of survival ( spine cut into two ) . Braving the traffic , risking snake bite ( pics speak for them selves ) ,most important ,commuting a good 45 mins to location .

For the love of animals would you do it ?

The most heard of response elsewhere would have been ‘ oh it’s dying anyways , please let it be , and have it removed by daily wage labourers ‘ .

Spurti not only rescued but also expected NOTHING in return , after much insistence we paid him the fuel cost .

They taught me the most valuable lesson – COMPASSION is the most intoxicating aphrodisiac .

6 thoughts on “Snake in our midst”

  1. S Madhavan says:

    Thanks for your information. I was informed by the walkers in the inner circle, there are two or three snakes inside the inner circle park. Will contact them once I get the full confirmation


    S Madhavan

  2. Shilpa says:

    Salute to you sir.

  3. Murali says:

    Did that survive? If so, how could it? It is said that its spine is cut into two. Did I understand it wrong?

  4. Nitya says:

    Murali, no it did not survive. But all people involved felt good that they did their best.

  5. Vasantha says:

    Hi Nitya, does Mr. Pradeep catch snakes, cobras, too or does he take rescuing injured snakes. We have encountered a couple of them in our apartment in the last one month. Thanks vasantha

  6. Ramesh says:

    We noticed lots of snakes in our apartment complex, could you please share Mr. Pradeep’s contact details.

    This is Very Urgent as we don’t want to Kill it.