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Skill Development

Whitefield Rising has been supporting a long running skill development program being run by its volunteers. LifeDream has skilled hundreds of youth and enabled them to find deserving jobs in the local neighborhood. An entirely  volunteer run 3 month bootcamp, the program mobilises college dropouts and youth to train them in practical areas of communication skills, digital literacy and other life skills.

LifeDream addresses the needs of youth (18-25 years) who are constrained by low Income levels, inadequate skills, irregular employment and absence of opportunities and family indebtedness. Its goal is to have 85 % of the students to be placed successfully after the training. Student mobilization is done by social workers scouring the slums for below poverty line families. Students are selected via interviews with students and parents to assess the strength and perseverance of the candidates to undergo the 3-month boot camp. Students are also evaluated on actions of responsibility taken by them and their role in improving the environment.

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As a one-time effort, we also provided mobilisation support for The Nudge Foundation to generate employment to the low-income youth.

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