Cyber security tips

Don’t share email password with anyone. Don’t write it anywhere that someone else can see. Access to your email account gives others access to all documents on Google Drive and access to your phone contacts also.

·       Never give OTP to anyone who claims to call from bank or any other agency. Install True Caller app on your phone to identify callers.

·       Never click on a link from unknown sources, especially if financial transaction is involved, including receiving money.

·       Sextortion : DO NOT pick Whatsapp video calls from phone numbers that are not saved in your contacts. There are a lot of traps going on this way, which are also being covered in media.

·       Courier delivery- scamsters call saying courier is stuck in some place and OTP is required or payment needs to be done, but courier can be delivered or the parcel contains illegal items and you can be arrested. Do not entertain these calls, even if the caller says the call is from a police station, CBI or known courier like FedEx or DTDC.

·       Your phone is your wallet. Ensure your phone is password protected. Don’t open your phone screen in front of anyone or share phone Pin. Don’t keep too much money in bank account connected to e-wallets like Google Pay, Phone pay etc.

·       Emails from fake sources look very similar to genuine emails, but have slight variation in font or dots on top of letters.

·       Online search-websites. If searching for a number online, ensure it is not a fake site. Look for lock symbol before website URL/ link.