Policy changes required for improvement in Bengaluru’s air quality

14 Policy decisions required from Government of Karnataka to improve air quality

  1. All BMTC Buses, taxis and autos need to be converted to CNG
  2. Improve road quality to ensure minimum speed of 20-30 Kms per hour with the BBMP Limits
  3. Reverse the trend of dieselization of  personal cars  by imposing additional 30% environment compensation tax
  4. Leapfrog emission standards and ensure strict compliance
  5. Expedite Sub-urban Rail  and Metro rail projects to improve the Public transport
  6. Improve connectivity, ridership on BMTC Buses
  7. Ban all Vehicles which are older than 15 years
  8. Pedestrian FIRST focus  to walk safe and improve last mile connectivity
  9. Favorable taxation policy to promote green fuel and vehicles
  10. Divert substantial truck traffic by constructing the peripheral ring road
  11. Parking policy as a restraint measure – Legal parking to be charged more and heavy fines as a deterrent for illegal parking
  12. Prohibit burning of garbage in the open
  13. Prohibit Cement mixing plants within BBMP Limits
  14. Implementation of daily air quality alert with health advisory