Graphite India Junction – Ginger Hotel U turn gets a spot fix

Graphite India Junction – Ginger Hotel U turn gets a spot fix

Spot fixing at Graphite India Junction till Ginger Hotel U turn

A Whitefield Rising initiative in partnership with WEPPIA (March-April 2015)

Graphite India Junction is one of the major bottlenecks in Bengaluru. Lakhs of employees work in the Export promotional Industrial park and this is one of the 4 entry and exit points for them. The ‘chicken neck’ junction has always been a sour point for the techies and thousands of productive hours gets lost every day in this junction.

There was a bit of a relief, when the Whitefield traffic improvement plan-Phase 1 was implemented by the Bangalore Traffic Police after constant nudge and push from Mobility champions in Whitefield Rising. No permanent solution is visible to improve the junction as the BBMP or the state government has not even started looking at Junction improvement plans.

Over the last few weeks, I knocked on the doors of multiple government department officers and just felt there was not enough interest. ‘No Budget’ or ‘Please talk to that department’ was the common answers he got. With the never give up mindset, I knocked at the doors of Whitefield Export Promotion Park Industrial Association (WEPPIA) and they agreed to provide support over a weekend.

Directing the JCB, guiding the cleaning staff, managing the traffic and bingo the junction was ready to take on the traffic more smoothly.

From there, the plan was extended to fix the Ginger Hotel junction and also to improve the traffic flow between Graphite India Junction till Ginger Hotel U Turn.

Working with the WEPPIA team on 10th April 2015, these improvements also were also implemented.JCB