Eco Friendly
Community Fair.
A Fair for Environment Friendly Local Delicacies Read more
What is Eco Santhe?

Santhe means fair in Kannada, an Eco-Friendly Community Fair.

Common Platform
One common platform to showcase all products and services that are good for us and our environment.
Guest Speakers
Guest speakers demonstrate best practises for health /upcycling /adopting a pet /hosting zero waste functions while serving food etc.
Zero Waste Event
Its a zero waste event, thereby passing a message that we can celebrate ( while serving food even) without being wasteful
Vendor's Platform
A lot of good vendors get a platform to show their wares and services.

Guidelines to select a Product or Service

Environment Friendly
Environment Friendly
Product or service should benefit the environment ie either it aids in making the environment better or (re)uses what is good for the earth
Local Vendors
Local Vendors
To encourage local food/local wares/local art wherein the sales proceeds go directly to the maker of the goods
To avoid last minute cancellations, charge a token amount of Rs. 500 from each vendor, though it can be waived off for special cases.
Strict Guidelines
Strict Guidelines
Issue strict guidelines to each vendor to be followed at the Santhe
Who are the vendors at Eco Santhe

Some Typical Vendors

A Bengaluru based initiative that organises ‘zero waste’ parties.
A place to rent cutlery for eco-friendly parties/functions.
Rimagined is home to hundreds of upcycled and handcrafted products.
A thrift shop in Whitefield that sells gently used goods like clothes, cutlery, shoes etc.
A women’s enterprise that up-cycles waste into trendy lifestyle merchandise.
A one-stop store to buy eco-friendly bath and home care products.
Local Cuisine
Praesent vestibulum aenean nommy eros hendrerit mauris cum sociis.
Vegan food from Carrots
A restaurant in Koramangala that offers a wide range of Vegan delicacies.
Praesent vestibulum aenean nommy eros hendrerit mauris cum sociis.
Praesent vestibulum aenean nommy eros hendrerit mauris cum sociis.
A renting platform for toys, bicycles, musical instruments, women’s wear, shoes etc.
Horticulture Stall by the Association of Physically Disabled
Creates awareness on the E-waste and to facilitate collection of non-bulk E-waste
Partner with Bio-Man and prevent your kitchen waste from becoming garbage.
A waste management organisation that sorts, collects and recycles waste.
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