Calling our Water Warriors!

Did you catch Whitefield Rising’s INKtalks Water event at Jagriti on Saturday April 5thKiran Khanna ? You know I am just another concerned Whitefield citizen – just like you! I want to mention that I was ecstatic to see the turnout on Saturday! Thank you for spending your morning with us, and for all your questions and concerns throughout the event!
Firstly – if you have not done so already, we urge you to complete the water survey. I have decoded some initial statistics for us – here is our story today…
  • Nearly 50% of us buy tanker supplied water – we are not really self sustained!
  • 80% of our borewells are greater than 600 ft deep – if you recall Alok of T-Zed told us that his borewells are in the range of 120 to 200 ft. We are digging deeper, spending more resources.
  • Our average water consumption is between 400 – 1000 liters per person/ per day – as opposed to average government estimates at 150 liters per person/ per day!
While we all worry about the deteriorating water conditions in Whitefield – the good news is that the solution is in our hands! And another piece of good news is

Pic4that if we do our piece, and tell others about it – we can inspire them to take their steps! Whitefield Rising is your platform as there is success in numbers!

    • The presentations for the water event are available over here.If you want to assess your community’s re-charge, harvest, grey-water/eco-STP proposal, we are here to help! We can offer (some of us, pro-bono) opinions and share our
    • experiences.

If you are about to start a re-charge, harvest, grey-water/eco-STP project, we want to hear about it, blog and broadcast your efforts and successes on our website.

  • If you want to join hands to work on the ‘larger picture’ – including start conversations with BWSSB, work on cleaning up our wonderful lakes and more, please write to water.warriors@whitefieldrising.orPic2g
Below are the speakers contact details for you – feel free to reach out to the experts. But do circle back about your efforts to to help us help you 🙂
Topic Speaker Contact
Little Drops of Water – we want Water Warriorsl! Kiran KhannaNitya Ramakrishnan  +91 +91-9741351304
Masagi’s War For Water Ayyappa Masagi Founder, Rain Water  +91-9448379497
Lifecycle of a Water Drop Sekar Srinivasan Founder, Ecoserv
Sewage Stories Rajesh Shah Head, Peer Water +91-9740322557
Our Early Successes Arvind KeerthiAlok Kuchlous +91-9902012104
A Larger Impact Mala Subramanium CEO, +91-9620945800
Wake the Lake Suresh Nair +91-9845042117
Varthur Lake – What will it take? Anuradha Hegde Consultant, Action Research +91-9845044818
The Government as a Stakeholder Manjunatha Prasad Consultant, Action Research +91-8277336679
Low Energy STP Tharun Kumar Director, Paradigm Environmental +91-7259002986


One thought on “Calling our Water Warriors!”

  1. Anuja says:

    Rickshaw Rate Problem : Hi everyone have been living in whitefield since a year. The rickshaw drivers in whitefield do not charge by meter at all. They quote ridiculous rates for short distance (AECS layout to Vaidyahi – 120 Rs.- just an example) and don’t seem to budge at all as all of them quote the same or above.Is there a way to curb this problem and try to get all rickshaws charge by meter.( I know this is not easy at all- just thought whether we can do something about it as a group)

    An article for the above problem – Link…/articleshow/32679949.cms?- quoting – “violators who demand in excess of meter charge or turn down passengers can be reported to the traffic police using their 24-hour helpline (080-22868444), or by SMSing complaints to 52225, or on police. The police is promising immediate punitive action”